London Olympic, Euro 2012 Chinese Promotion Animation, WW3, Europe Destruction.

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Media

Big Ben Chinese Euro 2012 Promo.

I have some knowledge of animation, and if you are to create an animation it takes a lot of time and effort, planning and research to create a film. Because of the nature of animation normally it takes a week to create around 10 seconds of film, the film I am about to show you is 3:36 minutes long, therefore it proberly took around 20-22 weeks of production, thats not including pre and post production.
When creating an animation you have to consider every little detail, from colour to design, to style, to theme’s. Creating a short animation can be more complicated than creating a motion picture film watch any independant animation film, then watch the behind the scenes and you will understand the complexity the film production goes into, the passion they hold into their design and what their final outcome will become.
The video you need to watch is a Chinese promotional video on the Euro 2012 games, which was hosted by Poland and Ukraine. This is an advert for Now Tv in China that is advirtising the games in their country, however considering they are no even competing in the games; why would they create an animation that shows the destruction and armed defence of an external threat, either in London or Europe. We have already had the Euro 2012 games, therefore what is left? London Olympic 2012. And Big Ben is featured reguarly throughout the animation.
Could there be an full scale attack depicted in the animation?
All I ask you to do is open your mind, consider the possibilites and do your own research. Don’t take reality at face value.


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