Posted: July 15, 2012 in Media

The Daily Cheese.

If you were to ask anyone who is in one of these societies if they are a member they would flat deny their membership. Maybe you get lucky and you find ‘the one’ that speaks out, If you wish to know his or her motive they would  say that the purpose for joining is about  fellowship and making  connections with others of a similar background and mindset . They would want to convince you of the innocence in their motives.

So these people have their clubs and their secret meetings but are they a good or a bad thing? at times It has been suggested: If a thing is good it should not be kept secret; and something that is kept secret is not. The benefit, whether it is good or bad is not really the question. These clubs and their members are almost in direct conflict with government systems, constitutions and laws.These rules…

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  1. Nice one! I will share some of your ideas and info to my colleagues… hope it’s fine! =)

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