Posted: July 15, 2012 in Media

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Olympics bosses try to exploit musicians

One London Olympics scandal does not seem to be enough.

Two London Olympics scandals do not seem to be enough.

After the Olympic missiles on people’s homes… the military aircraft above London… the Olympic sponsorship by Dow Chemical of Agent Orange and Bhopal disasterfame … the Olympic sponsorship by BPof the Gulf of Mexico pollution … the Olympic medalsby another polluting corporation, Rio Tinto … the London transport bosses getting bonuses contrary to the workers who have to deal with the extra passengers … the Saudi women athletes who won’t be at the games … the Bahraini prince who is expected to be at the games, contrary to the athletes whom he torturedBy Adrian Roberts in England:

Missiles & warships in London: UK gears up for Olympics or war?

Olympics ‘exploit’ unsigned artists

Angry musicians accused…

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