Starry Starry Skies.

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Philosophy
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I started writing and it turned out to be a form of poetry, hope you like it.

Starry Starry Skies

I look around the world around me and I observe.
I stay confused yet mystified, no direction,
no where to run and no where to hide
I look upon the sky some nights
Sometimes there are no stars
Sometimes there are too many
But there is always that one
One that makes me feel lucky
Twinkling in my eye, I smile, look around
Realize I’m not alone.
When it rains on me I feel touched,
When I shake someone’s hand I feel alone. A stranger.
I dream knowing I’ll get comfort and I wake knowing I’ll stay confused.

Who am I? Which life is this?
What is a dream when you happier asleep and not in control.
Should I lose control of my life here?
Or should I find control?
A direction is what I need,
not north, south, east or west.
Up and down.
Just some where.
With someone.
Some how!
Yet how?
I get told life is limitless yet I feel chained to my bedside.
Can someone give me a key to unlock my dreams into this reality?
So I can run in all directions and breath that fresh green grass, and let all my worries disappear in the wind.
I hear a whisper in my ear as I fade away,
The warm breath comforts me
But the darkness takes hold
And I fall down the rabbit hole.
Down, down I go as the starry starry skies each go out,
One by one.
I watch myself in bed, floating like an angel
A fallen spirit from the heavens
Is this heaven or life?
The labyrinth of my mind is deeper than the universe.
I am the universe, I am my universe, my god and my spirit.
But who am I? What defines me, or is definition arbitrary itself?
Is there any sense to rationalize or is it rationalizing which poisons the mind?
So many questions and not enough answers.
But if we were given the answer would we be satisfied or question more of our reality?
I look around the world and it observes me and I observe it.
We stare at each other and I look at it in the eyes.
Into its heart and soul.
I feel the warmth on my face as I know.
The truth is always hidden in plain sight.

By Matthew Leonard


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