A Really Brief Overview on Ethics.

I would say that over the last 3000 years (more or less it doesn’t matter its around about that about of time) philosophy and intellectual thinkers have tried to tell the public most important ethics of life. Four basic rules which everyone pretty much agrees upon, thou shall not murder, thou shall not steal, thou shall not assault and thou shall not rape. Yet were have we progressed in these basic moral philosophy when over the last 100 years humanity has killed more people than ever (mainly though tyrannical governments and democide), when you look at the monetary system and the banking cartels they have stolen more money from the people than ever before. People have to pay taxes or they will go to prison and they have no decisions on what those taxes get used for.

Thou shall not assault, war on drugs create a social stigma which in turn creates violence. Prisons create the environment to encourage violence.

Our education system has been the same for about 100 years, stick 30 children with one teacher in a classroom all being told what is what and the only thing which has changed is the blackboard got changed to a whiteboard, now that’s progress!

The way to deal with crime hasn’t changed much either, give a few people some guns and tell the rest of the people if you don’t follow our rules we will lock you in a cage, all for the good of mankind.

But the one thing which could truly influence all of these ethical values is the state. The state controls what is universal, thou shall not murder, you will go to jail if you murder a human however if you sign up for the military you can go to war and kill people and we pay you for it with the taxes which we thieve off the public. (Am I right or wrong?)

thou shall not steal, you will go to jail if steal from someone, and you will go to jail if you don’t give 20% of your wage to the state. It is universal but no one can opt out of this moral argument.

Now for a thought experiment, lets just say that there are no thief’s in the world, (I know its against evolution and nature but lets just go along with the thought). No one around the world knows what thieving is, yet one say some guy wakes up and realizes that if he takes possessions then he can get away with it. Why because no one would have thought that someone would thieve, I mean why would they it doesn’t exist. Now eventually people realize and they have to create enforcement measures which stops thieving, now the value of being a thief would then go down over time.

However if your a smart thief you would convince everyone that stealing is REALLY BAD and you will go to hell, you will go to prison! Yet if you create the excuse for stealing yourself, e.g. taxation then no one questions you because they know its really bad and you will go to prison for stealing.

So if you can convince everyone that your not a thief even though you are and that thieving is REALLY BAD, and if you create the excuse where you can thieve off the people.

But also if you talk about the thief, thieving you are really bad as well and will go to prison, this environment creates the perfect excuse for the thief to carry on taking more and more.

If the binding ethical statement is universal but you are exempt from that universality then its not universal now. So there is no universality in ethics because if only the people who stole, killed, raped or assaulted were the people who were enforcing the law upon you if you commit the ethical crime then it give creates the environment which allows the people carry on doing what they are doing.
If a government says you can’t murder yet they tell the public we are killing people in order to stop the murder and create peace, that doesn’t solve the ethical problem. Even in the bible God tells the people thou shall not kill yet he can take it upon himself to kill all the ‘bad’ people in a flood (who decided who was bad, oh yeah God!?). And if our children do something wrong the parent tells them off by hitting them, but at the same time we tell them not to hit other children. If you tell people not to steal yet steal off the people and tell them using different language that ‘stealing’ or taxation is necessary because we need your money to solve the ethics of society. Then that too doesn’t solve the ethical problem.

You are told you are a free human being and you can do what you want, well you can’t because you have to have pieces of paper which tell other people that you have the right to go over to another piece of land however you can only stay there for six months or a year or two years. If you don’t have that piece of paper you can’t move to that piece of land and if you stay there any longer than your allowed then your a criminal!!!! Is that freedom? I would say that’s dictating what people can and can’t do yet people except it is law and a minority of people are exempt from the law in order to enforce it.

But in history we see that you couldn’t talk about the true nature of universality, or you would be punished. It is only over the last few centuries that people were given the free-speech in order to speak up about these subjects. But now because our values have changed we have also been taught that we shouldn’t talk about these subjects and we shouldn’t talk against our own government or nation. The old values have still stuck in our social censorship and values. Now if everyone spoke up and agreed that taxation is theft, then that illusion of universal ethics would be destroyed. If you tell everyone that all men and women are equal then we can’t give a minority the right to have monopoly of force over everyone else because then you don’t have equality any more because then not all men are equal.

So the solution isn’t punishment for going against the ethical laws because it will produce the same results and smacking a child for doing something wrong. Violence doesn’t solve violence, its a historical fact. But the solution is to stop having this thing called the state where they can tell you what to do and they can deceive you into thinking its for the good of man kind and we need this power structure or everything will turn into anarchy BUT we are exempt from the laws we create.

For more information on the subject and it detailed more clearer then read this book by Stefan Molyneux  http://www.freedomainradio.com/free/books/FDR_2_PDF_UPB.pdf


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