UK Considers Creation of Genetically Engineered Hybrid Humans.

UK Considers Creation of Genetically Engineered Hybrid Humans


Raidersnews – As described in the book  Exo-Vaticana – The process in question involves replacing the genetic information governing the mitochondria in the cells. The mitochondria generate most of the energy that a cell uses to function. So when they don’t work right, it causes serious problems for the body those cells are a part of. And those flaws can be passed on genetically, which is why scientists in 2008 discovered how to prevent these problems from being passed on, by the process that was the focus of the study. Currently, any sort of genetic modification of an embryo or zygote is supposedly only done in a research setting, and not for actual baby-making. This study could be the first step in turning that policy around, though. Now that the government-ordered study is published, the issue heads to Parliament.


ITechPost – While still technically illegal in the UK, a new study from the Britain’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has found that the British public has mostly no objection to the idea of an embryo being formed from the DNA of three people, to prevent the passage of certain genetic disorders.

The study, done at the request of the British government, found widespread public support for a method of in vitro fertilization which uses trace amounts of DNA from one woman to replace damaged portions of DNA in the original mother’s egg. …..More


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