Kenyan Terror Attack Designed to Open Up New ‘War on Terror’ Front in East Africa

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Alternative News, Conspiracy, Media, News

OK. Everyone open up their textbooks to Chapter 11, entitled ‘Hegelian Fundamentals’. In paragraph one we find, Suitable Problem, Reaction, Solution Narratives. I know we’ve covered this before, but as you’ve figured out by now, this blunt technique is still a heavily favoured operational plan for the real global engineers of terror…

The latest epic terror siege and fire fight has taken place in Nairobi, Kenya this week, with scores shot dead, taken hostage, and speculation as to who did it, and most importantly – who planned it. Western media is currently profiling various “terror masterminds” possibly behind this latest horrible attack. Indeed, it was senseless, and it was horrific. But who did it – and why, is where your focus should really be.

The narrative is already set by US mainstream media: “Africa’s 9/11″, or “Africa’s 7/7″. You know it’s time to put on your fire suit when you read this type of rhetoric gushing out of an orifice of the US mainstream press:

“As on 9/11, terrorists are waging a war on our modern, democratic way of life. Today, we are all Kenyans.”

The Nairobi shopping mall attack is heartbreaking. The stories could so easily be American stories.”

And what could possibly tug at the heart-strings of the American subconsciousness than the center of culture – the shopping mall? Moreover, what could possibly provide an international distraction to US President Barack Obama epic fail in getting his war on in Syria, than a giant terror event in his own Vaterland in Kenya?….


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