21CenturyWire: Dawn of Singularity: ‘Superheroes of Science’ Insane Plan to Rescue Humanity From Itself

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Media

They cultivate a fear-based science masquerading as progress, administered by a class of detached super-nerds who are afraid to confront complex human conditions, and unwilling to confront the destructive debt-based system of enslavement – leads us to their version of the future. And it’s not a pretty picture.

In depth analysis by Activist Post breaks down the main archetypes in the bland futurist dreamscape of the future…

Nicholas West
Activist Post

Discussion of the “Singularity” — the moment when computer intelligence surpasses that of humans to such an extent that humans become practically redundant — has been gaining steam across the social spectrum. In 2006, Ray Kurzweil pointed to 2045 as the date of this tipping point, after which anyone unprepared for merging with machines would likely face a very unproductive future.

With the exponential rise of automation, and the announcement that Moore’s Law could lapse within 10 years, the tipping point might already be upon us, with The Singularity arriving as soon as 2029.

With the goals of transhumanists and futurists so close to full realization, the world’s leading scientists are beginning to voice their concern that general humanity might not comprehend the full weight of their discoveries. Scientists like Steven Hawking have formed a group of “scientific superheroes” who supposedly aim to ensure that humanity does not choose the lethal side of the double-edged sword of technology. Let’s see what they are planning to do to save humanity from itself at the dawn of The Singularity.

Our current position as we head toward The Singularity is being called The Hybrid Age by futurists, as discussed in the candid video below. It is an increasingly synthetic age of bio-computing, enhanced artificial intelligence and the merging of man and machine through augmented reality. Also stated below is the increasing indication that humanity is not the only biology susceptible to The Singularity; nature, too — the climate, for example — will be increasingly manageable and augmented.

The power available is a God-like one, giving us the divergent paths of Heaven or Hell. One slide from the presentation issues this stark assessment about the potential outcomes.


  • Re-make the planet (geo-engineering)
  • Create new life (and new lifeforms)
  • Re-engineer humanity (values and essence)
  • Abundance and plenty for all (mastery over energy and material transformation)
  • Super-intelligence (omniscience)
  • Super-longevity (death as a disease to be cured, immortality)
  • Better than well
  • Transcendental experiences 
  • “The cosmos wakes up” (as a new humanity moves off planet)


  • Destroy the planet
  • Plagues and pestilence (arising from genetic engineering)
  • Enfeeble and divide humanity (as new technological divisions arise)
  • Environmental catastrophe 
  • Ubiquitous surveillance 
  • Super-dictatorship
  • Worse than the Dark Ages
  • Nuclear holocaust (enabled by new weaponry)
  • “Terminator enslavement” (artificial intelligence decides that humanity itself is the risk)

Read the full article here including video alongside this article



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