A Taste of Freedom: Formal shutdown of U.S. government begins today

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Alternative News, Government
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A Taste of Freedom: Formal shutdown of U.S. government begins today

October 1, 2013 By 1 Comment

21st Century Wire says…

Regarding all of those who are living well – off the fat of the land…

The U.S. government began a formal shutdown early Tuesday after Washington failed to reach any real agreement on their federal spending plan – with Obamacare being the single biggest bone of contention.

Thousands of government sites will be closed, as “America’s number one employer”, boasted by President Obama – the US Federal Government, has been forced to tell a few million federal workers that they are now being “furloughed’ (told to stay at home without pay), although Congress did manage last night to approve an agreement to keep the US military’s paychecks coming.

(PHOTO: Obama and wife forced to downgrade next $100 million vacation)

Regarded as Washington’s most bloated and corrupt financial sink hole – the Pentagon has been living high on the hog for a while now. This latest crisis has left a confused Chuck Hagel to scramble with the Earth’s largest-ever game of musical chairs. Reports claim that up to 400,000 of the defense department’s 800,000 civilian workers are being furloughed. 

Here’s what’s happening to the rest of DC’s Federal Bureaucratic Army of Paper Pushers and Badge Wearers (although we’ll keep the air traffic controllers and Border Patrol)

In a memo issued by the White House shortly before midnight, the Office of Management and Budget instructed that federal agencies “should now execute plans for an orderly shutdown due to the absence of appropriations.” National parks, monuments and museums, as well as most federal offices, will close. Tens of thousands of air-traffic controllers, prison guards and Border Patrol agents will be required to serve without pay.”

Is this a staged, bipartisan distraction, designed to conceal what Washington is really cooking up behind the scenes? Time will tell, and soon.

What about all the trillions of Federal dollars tied up in gravy train Federal government contracts? Are those being paid first? Houston, we have a structural problem – with this overtly fascist system of government.

If they could furlough Congress and Senate – and the bottomless, black hole budgets like the White House’s dog who flies in an Osprey helicopter, the monthly golf, holiday, shopping and beauty regimes, the DHS, NSA and the CIA – and maybe, just maybe then, Americans might have a chance to make some real progress…

WASHINGTON DC: A place were the marginally talented and mediocre alike, can hang out and get paid well to get fat, get drunk, snort cocaine, and use your tax money to hand out Federal contracts to their ‘friends’.


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