The Self – Part 1

Posted: October 13, 2013 in BYH Video's

What is the Self?
The Self is what we term an individual, someone who has a personality of some sort and is aware of thinking, feeling and reacting with the world. Some people call this consciousness however it is very different from consciousness for consciousness is awareness without ego, however the Self can incorporate ego from one way of another.
Like nature the Self has various levels, substructures, aspects and inquiries to think about. Our view of ourself might be very different of somebody else’s view of myself.

Man is a machine, who can use his instruments to build or destroy. Like machines need oil and maintenance the human biological machine needs maintenance as well, physically as well as mentally. Dreams are said to be a process of mental equilibrium of the conscious and unconscious mind of the self. However we can consciously rationalize our purpose and maintain a balance to the various aspects of the Self. If man is a coordinator then what are we to ask ourselves to coordinate? What is our aim? To live an honest life you need principles and act on those principles or live them.

What level of connection to worldliness and other worldliness do we need to have if any at all? Is the connection with the spiritual being or metaphysical self an extrapolation of the more conscious self we interact with on a daily basis?

Ignorance is the common cause for all disaster. Truth is not fact just an opinion. Fact is evidence based on reasonable evaluation and analysis of data.

Part 2 will be up shortly probably with in one week, I’m currently researching for this part.

(Sorry I’m still working out the best audio quality for my microphone)


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