Wonderland (Poem)

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Poem's
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Sat on a soft comfy floor,
everything looks interesting to explore,
there seems to be something in every nook and cranny.
No names to worry about, just look at little old nanny.

A laugh and giggle,Oh I’m little miss wriggle,
The world is a huge amusement park,
With ups and downs, twists and turns
This is my big little world.

Crawling on a soft comfy floor,My perception has gone through the door.
Treasure hunting is the game to play,
quickly, before it’s the end of the day.

A push and a pull,
Oh how I love the drawl.
How much longer of that can I withstand?
I’m little big Alice in Wonderland.

Before you can talk you have to walk,
Into what we call paradise,
Through the yellow brick road,
Off we go,
One step at a time.
And once your time is up,
Everything seems to chime.

A slivering snake will gobble me up, A mischievous swirling cat, inside my brown cup.
A caterpillar on red and white mushrooms,
The maddest hatter, whose drunk all the tea .
I’m little big me, oh Alice in Wonderland
All seen through the eye of my pineal gland.


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