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Dear Brethren,

Hitler’s desire for world domination.
Policy of appeasement by England and France.
Hitler attacked and conquered various nations.
Now the truth; 

The Treaty for War;
The War Treaty of Versailles, signed on 28th June 1919 was the work of International Bankers. They took all the measures necessary to ensure the next World War. The British Prime Minister, Lloyd George, wrote: ‘The international bankers swept statesmen, politicians, journalists and jurists all to one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs.
The American President, Woodrow Wilson, was “advised” at Versailles by Bernard Baruch, The British Prime Minister, Lloyd George, was “advised” by Alfred Milner, Rothschild employee, and Sir Phillip Sassoon, a direct descendent of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, The French leader, Georges Clemenceau, was “advised” by his Minister for the Interior, Georges Mandel, whose real name was Jeroboam Rothschild. (Fritz Springmeier, Illuminati Bloodlines).  The interpreter was Mantoux; and the Military Adviser was Mr. Kish. Interestingly all the advisers were Jews most of them representing International Bankers. The “leaders were hazy about geography. However, their Jewish secretaries, were very much on the spot on such matters. These Jews met at 6 p.m. in the evenings to plan next World War; and accordingly, mapped out the decisions for the following day’s conference of the “Big Four” .

Under the War Treaty of Versailles, Poland was given a “corridor” to the Baltic Sea, along with large areas of West Prussia that were populated by Germans. This “corridor” completely separated East Prussia from the Reich, making trade and communication difficult or impossible. During Allied discussions on the peace treaty, Lloyd George, the then British Prime Minister, tapped this spot on the map and probably echoed the words of his secretary said an evening before; “This is where (we have planned) the next world war will begin!” Unknown to Hitler this was how International Bankers had planned 2nd World War to begin 20 years earlier on 28th June 1919.
Under the War Treaty of Versailles, Jewish International Bankers cut Germany in several pieces and gifted it to other European Countries. A piece of Germany – Alsace-Lorraine was gifted to France, A piece of Germany Saar Region of Coal mines was forcibly brought under French Protectorate, A piece of Germany – Eupen, Malmedy, Moresńet, and St. Vith was gifted to Belgium, A piece of Germany – Northern Schleswig was gifted to Denmark, several pieces of Germany – Hultschin and Opava was gifted to Czechoslovakia, several pieces of Germany – West Prussia, Danzig, Posen and Upper Silesia were gifted to Poland, several pieces of Germany – Rhineland and Memel were brought under the League of Nations and people of these regions were to vote in future, to decide whether they want to remain in Germany or not. League of Nations also took control of land won by Germany under treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Some of this land was gifted to Poland and some made into new states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latavia.
Jewish International Bankers also cut Habsburg empire in several pieces and these pieces gifted to other nations. First it was cut into two separate countries; Austria and Hungary who then had to sign two separate treaties;-
Austria was forced to sign Treaty of Saint Germain
Hungary was forced to sign Treaty of Trianon
Hapsburg Empire was not only cut in two but large piece is further cut out of Empire to form a totally new country Czechoslovakia. Several Pieces of Hapsburg empire i.e. Bohemia, Moravia, Opava Silesia and the western part of Duchy of Cieszyn, Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia formed the new Czechoslovakia.
Several Pieces of Austria i.e. Galicia, eastern part of Duchy of Cieszyn, northern County of Orava and northern Spisz were gifted to Poland. Several Pieces of Austria – Bolzano-Bozen and Trieste were gifted to Italy.
Several pieces of Hungary – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia-Slavonia, Dalmatia, Slovenia, and Vojvodina were gifted to Serbia to form the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, later Yugoslavia. (Several ethnic minorities were deliberately merged in Yugoslavia by International Bankers so that they can earn money from future wars between these ethnic minorities).
Several pieces of Habsburg Empire Austria-Hungary – Transylvania and Bukovina were gifted to Romania.
All states of Eastern Europe became hub of large national minorities. One eighth of German population found themselves in the newly created countries as minorities. One third of ethnic Hungarians found themselves living outside of Hungary as minorities. From its borders before World War I, it lost 72% of its territory, which was reduced from 325,111 square Kilometers (125,526 sq mi) to merely 93,073 square Kilometers (35,936 sq mi). It also lost 64% of its total population, which was reduced from 20.9 million to 7.6 million, and 31% (3.3 out of 10.7 million) of its ethnic Hungarians, who suddenly found themselves living outside the newly defined borders of Hungary. Hungary lost five of its ten most populous cities and was deprived of direct access to the sea and of some of its most valuable natural resources.
In January 1921, the total sum due to be paid by Germany as war reparations was decided by an Inter-Allied Reparations Commission at 269 billion gold marks (the equivalent of around 100,000 tonnes of pure gold). Germany was held responsible for World war 1 when it came to aid Austria.Though it was  England and France who first attacked Germany.

France was first to violate war Treaty of Versailles when it occupied Ruhr in 1923

People’s desire for Freedom began to reverse the War treaty of Versailles;
Saar Region; January 13th 1935; By the treaty of Versailles, the separation of the Saar province from Germany was to terminate at the end of fifteen years. This period ended in January 1935, and a free vote of the population, supervised by British and Italian forces, was held to decide their future destiny. Ninety per cent voted for reincorporation with the German Reich. No shot was fired.
Rhineland Mach 7, 1936; Rhineland had 100% ethnic German population. After French forces left at the end of 15 years, the entire Population of Rhineland erupted with glee to welcome German police. When German forces entered Rhineland, there was Jubilation on the streets of Rhineland. No shot was fired.

Berlin Olympics 1936; Morale of the people was high, there was euphoria among the population and a feeling of freedom after 15 years shackles of slavery under war Treaty for Versailles. A sense of general well being and good feeling after years of repression was felt by public which was reflected in performance of its people in all spheres of life. In 1936 Berlin Olympics; Germany topped the medal tally with 33 gold, 26 Silver, 30 Bronze medals.  United States of America came a poor second with 24 gold, 20 silver and 12 Bronze. Habsburg empire (Hungary + Austria + Czechoslovakia ) won  17 gold, 13 silver and 8 Bronze.  
Austria March 9th, 1938; Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg calls for a public vote for the 13th March, to decide if the country should remain independent, or join Germany. Thereafter Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg resigns. On 12th March 1938, Germany announces “Anschluss” (Union) with Austria, and German forces cross the border to a cheering population. In the plebiscite 99% Austrians voted in favor of union with Germany. There had been no ultimatum and no threat, but instead there had been a spontaneous popular uprising of the Austrian people. When the German troops arrived in Austria on March 12, 1938, they found the streets lined with cheering crowds of jubilant Austrians who greeted them with the Nazi salute, showered them with confetti and threw flowers at their feet. No shot was fired.

Cheering Austrians Greet Adolf Hitler in his Hometown of Braunau am Inn (March 14, 1938)

Cheering crowds greet Hitler as he enters Vienna. Austria, March 1938.
September 1938 Sudetenland with its Majority of 95% Germans also wanted reunification with Reich. In order to evaluate the situation the British government sent Lord Runciman to the Sudetenland. In his report on 16 September 1938 he wrote: “I have great sympathy for the cause of the Sudeten Germans. It is difficult to be governed by a foreign nation, and my impression is that Czechoslovak rule in the Sudetenland displays such a lack of tact and understanding, and so much petty intolerance and discrimination, that dissatisfaction among the German population must inevitably lead to outrage and rebellion.” Following this the British government joined in urging the Czechs to allow a plebiscite in Sudetenland.
October 1st 1938, Sudetenland; The Czech Government rejected the suggestion of a plebiscite. However they voluntarily agreed to relinquish the Sudeten districts since these regions were populated entirely by Germans. No shot was fired.
This is how the “Munich Agreement” came about. It resulted not from threats and extortion by Hitler, but rather an agreement by all parties that the Sudeten Germans rightfully belonged “Heim ins Reich” (back home in the Reich.).

On September 30, 1938 at the request of Chamberlain, Hitler agreed not to built German navy provided Britain would agree not to attack Germany. Chamberlain the then British Prime Minister agreed and they both signed the following treaty, Hitler not to built his navy and Britain agreed never to attack Germany.

Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler’s Joint Resolution Never to Go to War with One Another Again (September 30, 1938)

In 1938, two Germans scientists, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann, working at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, discovered that when they bombarded uranium with neutrons they could split the uranium atoms’ nuclei into two parts releasing energy and more neutrons (a process called fission.) From this it was obvious to scientists that it was possible to create energy-producing fission chain reactions as the neutrons from one split-atom plowed into surrounding atoms, splitting them also. There are conflicting facts about whether research was stopped there or that it was carried further, atomic bomb built and also tested but undisputed fact remains that when Hitler realized the horror of such weapons and scale of human suffering that would eventually follow, he forbade further research and production. In 1941, German Army Ordnance began compiling a report which ranked weapons development programs. Development or production of nuclear weapons was nowhere in the picture as it had been completely banned as early as in 1939.
March 14th 1939 ; Czech president Emil Hacha accepts Adolf Hitler offer of making Bohemia-Moravia a German protectorate. That same day Slovakia and Ruthenia declare their independence from the Czech government in Prague. Poles invade and occupy Olsa region. Hungarians do the same occupying border regions populated by Hungarians. if Hitler had desire for world domination then Hitler would have taken over these regions of Slovakia, Ruthenia, Olsa. But Hitler had no such desires. he wanted people to have freedom to choose their own destiny. Hitler makes no attempt to take over regions of Slovakia, Ruthenia, region taken over by Poland and Hungary as this was done in accordance with the wishes of the people of these regions. Czechoslovakia a new country which was created by pieces of Germany and Austria ceases to exist. No shot was fired.
It was important to revise treaty of Versailles and restore German Lands to Germany. This was required to fix the damage done to Europe under War Treaty of Versailles. It was important to allow plebiscite in all areas which had been forcibly cut away from Germany when Germany was cut in several pieces by International Bankers / Rothschild’s / Jews for sake of their personal gain. A four-power conference was suggested which would preserve the peace and allow plebiscite in all German dominated areas which were forcibly cut away from Germany in war treaty of 1919 and gifted to other European nations. The four powers were Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy. 
Reasons for World War 2;
Wars are financed by debt. Whosoever controls the debt makes immense profits for itself during wars. Wars means profits for International Bankers. International bankers/Jewry believed it to be dangerous doctrine to allow people to choose their own destiny. People cannot be allowed to have freedom to choose peace over war. Hence International bankers / Jewry decided to end peace talks.
International Bankers put an end to the proposed four power conference for preserving peace that would have allowed plebiscite in former German areas. On 7 November 1938, a few weeks after the Munich Agreement and shortly before the journey to Paris of the German Foreign Minister, Von Ribbentrop, a Polish Jew, Herschel Feibel Grynszpan murdered the German Third Secretary of State, Ernst von Rath, in the German Embassy in Paris. The five bullets fired put an end to the proposed extension of the Munich Agreement and revision of the Treaty of Versailles by allowing plebiscite in former German areas. Simultaneously pressure was exerted by International Bankers and Jewish lobby in Washington and London who wanted war.
Under the War Treaty/Dictate of Versailles Poland was given a “corridor” to the Baltic Sea, along with large areas of West Prussia that were populated by Germans. This “corridor” completely separated East Prussia from the Reich, making trade and communication difficult or impossible. During Allied discussions on the peace treaty, Lloyd George, the then British Prime Minister, tapped this spot on the map and probably echoed the words of his secretary said an evening before; “This is where (we have planned) the next world war will begin!” Unknown to Hitler this was how International Bankers had planned 2nd World War to begin 20 years earlier on 28th June 1919.
The beginnings of War;
March 21 1939;  Hitler reiterates his old demands against Poland for the return of Danzig and the “German Corridor” to the Reich.
March 22, 1939; Poland again refuses German demands for the return of Danzig and the “German Corridor” or allow Plebiscite.
March 23 1939; Poland starts mobilization of its armed forces. Mobilization of forces is declaration of war.
March 31st, 1939 a British guarantee to Poland is given by Mr. Chamberlain on the strength of a false report (most probably circulated by International bankers/Jewry) to the effect that a 48-hour ultimatum had been delivered by Germany to the Poles. This report subsequently turned out to be false. While giving this guarantee, Chamberlain forgot the non aggression guarantee given by Britain to Germany under which Hitler had not built German Navy. 
The American Secretary of State, James Forrestal, who later died in mysterious circumstances, wrote in his Forrestal Diaries (Cassel and Co., London 1952):
‘Have played golf with Joe Kennedy [US Ambassador in Britain, father of President John Kennedy]. According to him, Chamberlain declared that Zionism and world Jewry have obliged [forced] England to enter the war.’ 
People of Danzig Desperately wanted to rejoin the Reich and had been flying German Flags since 1937. see the picture below;
Since Wars are financed by debt and are profitable for International Bankers, International Bankers / Jewry decided that time is now ripe to implement the decision taken 20 years earlier to start World War – 2. Thus on one hand it instructed Jews to start exterminating Germans in Danzig, knowing fully well that it will infuriate the fuhrer to come to rescue of Germans in Danzig and on the other hand it had Lord Halifax and Churchill firmly in their pocket to force declaration of world War 2 by England. They had Winston Churchill (some say as their keep) since October 24/29 1929 when he witnessed the power of Jewish Bankers from visitors Gallery of New York Stock Exchange and later joined them in celebration of the “crash” on October 29, 1929.

Poland / Polish Jews begins programmes for complete extermination of Germans in Danzig. Danzig and German corridor had 98% ethnic German population. Polish authorities started murdering the Germans in Danzig and German Corridor. German population was peaceful, most of them were farmers. More than 58,000 died at the hands of communists and Polish authorities. Hitler pleaded for the League of Nations dozens of times to protect them. The world failed these people in 1939. 

August 10, 1939;  Albert Forster, Gauleiter for Danzig, addresses a crowd of 100,000 in Danzig. Crowd seeks protection and help from Germany. He assures the crowd that He has Invited Hitler to liberate them and Danzig. “The hour of liberation is at hand… our Motherland and our Führer, Adolf Hitler, are determined to support us”. The crowd cheers in anticipation of liberation. It is the same help which today the UNSC has offered to people of Benghazi (Libya) (If only France, England had offered to same help to people of Danzig in August 1939, 72 million people would not have died).

August 25, 1939; German sent following demands to Poland;-.
a)     The return of Danzig to Germany.
b)     Rail and road access across the corridor between Germany and East Prussia.
c)     The cession to Germany any Polish territory formerly of pre-WW1 Germany that hosted 75% or more ethnic Germans.
d)     An international board to discuss the cession of the German Corridor to Germany.
August 28, 1939; Emboldened by the war Guarantee given England and France, Poland refused to budge or allow plebiscite. 
September 1, 1939; No one can tolerate continued murder of their kin. Hitler finally took matters into his own hands. On Sept. 1, 1939, the German Army crosses into Danzig at their request to rescue Germans from massacre.
September 3, 1939; Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand and host of countries under British Empire attacked Germany. Soon thereafter South Africa, Canada also attacked Germany. Germany was merely defending itself. Hitler never wanted war with England or France He was surprised when they attacked him because of a German town of Danzig a town having 98% ethic German Population.  Thus England and France were the ones who declared World War 2 by declaring war on Germany and not the other way around as is being falsely taught.
The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago printed in its issue of 8 October 1940:
‘When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.’

If Germany was held responsible for ww1 for coming to aid of Austria than it was England who was responsible for WW2 for coming to defend Polish possession over Danzig, a German corridor
Six years later, 72 million had perished. Britain was broken, bankrupt and Lost its Empire and consequently World Domination, France and Germany a smoldering ruin. By May 1945, Red Army hordes occupied all the great capitals of Central Europe: Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Berlin. A hundred million people were under the heel of the most barbarous tyranny in history: the Bolshevik regime of the greatest terrorist of them all, Joseph Stalin.

What cause could justify such Horrors ?

The German-Polish war had come out of a quarrel over a town Danzig, the size of 1950 square Kilometers, population 408,000, 95 percent German, had been forcibly severed from Germany at Versailles in violation of Woodrow Wilson’s principle of self-determination. All world leaders and many British leaders thought Danzig should be returned as its 97.6% population had voted against forced union with Poland in the year 1919. After the war, whole of Poland and half of europe is gifted By same england and France to their arch enemy Russia.

Was Danzig worth a war? Unlike the 7 million Hong Kongnese whom the British surrendered to Beijing, who didn’t want to go, the Danzigers were clamoring to return to Germany.

If Hitler wanted the world, why did he not build strategic bombers, instead of two-engine Dorniers and Heinkels that could not even reach Britain from Germany?
Why did he let the British army go at Dunkirk?
Why did he offer the British peace, twice, after Poland fell, and again after France fell?
Why, when Paris fell, did Hitler not demand the French fleet, as the Allies demanded and got the Kaiser’s fleet? Why did he not demand bases in French-controlled Syria to attack Suez? Why did he beg Benito Mussolini not to attack Greece?

Why Hitler did not use Chemical Weapons against Normandy Landings ?

Why Hitler did not encourage and rather banned production of atomic weapons?

Because Hitler never wanted world domination but simple a plebiscite to allow people to rejoin Germany which had been cut in pieces in 1919 and gifted to other nations (supra). He never wanted war.

Hitler’s Reichstag Speech of September 1, 1939
Hitler spoke to the German Reichstag at 10:10, on the morning of September 1st. He reminded his deputies that Danzig “was and is German.” He made the same comment about the Corridor, which he had been willing to renounce to Poland, as he had renounced Alsace-Lorraine to France and South Tirol to Italy, in the interest of peace and cooperation. Hitler emphasized that he had attempted to solve all German problems by “peaceful revision (friedlicher Revision).” He confessed the failure of this attempt, and he deplored the fact that many of the practices of England were in evident contradiction to the provisions of international law. Danzig and the Corridor were problems which had to be solved. Hitler conceded that it might be a matter of indifference to the West when this was to be, but this was not true for Germany. Above all, it was not a matter of indifference to the hundreds of thousands of people suffering from the absence of a settlement. Hitler had announced his position in this dispute to the German Reichstag on April 28, 1939. He was prepared to resume negotiations for a settlement of differences with both Great Britain and Poland. He had waited four months in vain for some response from the Polish side. The British advised him on August 28th that Poland was prepared to resume negotiations. He informed the British Government on the following day that Germany was prepared to negotiate. He waited in vain another two days for a response from Poland. The Polish Ambassador at last announced on August 31st that the Warsaw Government was considering whether or not it would negotiate with Germany. Lipski indicated that they would inform England, and not Germany, of their eventual decision. This meant that the Polish attitude on August 31st was actually far short of what the British had indicated it to be on August 28th. Hitler promised that he never had asked and never would ask anything from Great Britain and France. He ardently desired an understanding with England, “but love cannot be provided from one side if it is not received from the other (aber Liebe kann nicht nur von einer Seite geboten werden, sie muss von der anderen ihre Erwiderung finden).” This was an amazing declaration to the leaders of a nation which had attacked Germany in 1914, had starved to death hundreds of thousands of German children and old people, and was threatening to attack Germany twenty-five years later in a dispute which did not affect British interests. Indeed, the dispute in 1939 concerned what other prominent Englishmen had insisted was the most objectionable part of the 1919 settlement. Sir Austin Chamberlain, the brother of the Prime Minister, had promised in 1925 that no British grenadier would be required to die for Danzig or the Polish Corridor which were essentially German.

Britain has never acknowledged other nations’ right of self-determination, whether in India (where those who favored independence were tied to English cannon) or in Ireland (where almost the entire population was annihilated because they would not submit to British domination.)
Day after day the public was deluged with Jewish war propaganda and misrepresentation of the situation. Finally their minds were closed against any further regard to the demands of justice or reason by a new slogan,
You cannot trust Hitler’s word.”
With this lie the public was finally stampeded into throwing all reason and judgment to the winds and accepting at their face value the war propaganda in the press.
This slogan was founded upon a misrepresentation of Hitler’s assurance given on more than one occasion after a “putsch” such as that into Sudetenland, that he “intended to make no further demands.”
The misrepresentation lay in the fact that the press steadily obscured the major fact, that the “demands” to which Hitler referred were all along five fold in character; and covered those five areas taken from Germany by a dictated peace in which the population was overwhelmingly German, i.e. Sudetenland, part of Czechoslovakia, parts of Poland, the Corridor and Danzig.
As German troops occupied each successive section, it is, I believe, accurate to say that Hitler declared, that he had no further demand except those already made which included Danzig.
The British public was deluded by its press into supposing that when Hitler said he had no further demands, that there had never been any statement of his demands which were still unfulfilled. They were led to believe that Hitler either never had any other demands, or that he had abandoned the rest as soon as he had obtained one of them.
When, therefore, the next installment was added, the Jewish press built on this misunderstanding the fallacy that Hitler’s word could not be trusted. Honest dealing needs no such trickery and deception. Such methods are only necessary to bolster up bad or unjust causes.
Fortunately we have the calm and dispassionate judgment in this matter by no less a person than the late Lord Lothian, former British Ambassador to the U.S.A. In his last speech at Chatham House on this subject he remarked:
If the principle of self-determination had been applied in Germany’s favour, as it was applied against her, it would have meant the return of Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, parts of Poland, the Polish Corridor, and Danzig to the Reich.”
Here is a very different presentment of the case to the one which was foisted upon the general public in 1939; and it is the true one. Small wonder that these facts had to be withheld from the ordinary citizen.
Had the public realised the truth, that each of these demands of Hitler’s rested on a foundation of reasonable fairness, the people would have ruled out any question of war; and it was war, not truth or justice, upon which international Jewry was resolved.
If Germany was held responsible for WW1 for coming to help Austria, (Historically Austria was always part of Greater Germany) than it is England which is to be held responsible for WW2 for coming to aid of Poland over Danzig and German Corridor in possession of Poland. England must pay same reparations to world for being responsible for WW2. Germany paid equivalent of 100,000 tonnes of pure gold after world war 1. Now it is the turn of England to pay the Germany equivalent of 100,000 tonnes of pure gold even though casualties have more than doubled. 


20 November, 2013 – 10:15 aprilholloway

In a discovery that echoes the recent finding of an elongated skull in France, archaeologists excavating the ancient burial site “El Cementerio,” near the Mexican village of Onavas, made a shocking discovery. They unearthed 25 skulls, 13 of which were elongated and pointy at the back and did not look entirely human.

The burial site was first discovered by residents of the small village of Onavas back in 1999 when work was being carried out to build an irrigation system. It is the first pre-Hispanic cemetery found in the northern Mexican state of Sonoro, and dates back around 1,000 years.

Out of the 25 individuals unearthed, 17 of them were children between 5 months and 16 years of age and only 1 was female. The children had no signs of disease or trauma indicating a cause of death. 

Experts have theorized that the deformity of the skulls were intentionally produced through the ritual of head flattening, otherwise called cranial deformation, in which the skull is compressed between two wooden boards from childhood. Although the practice was common among pre-Hispanic populations of Mesoamerica and western Mexico, it is the first time that elongated skulls have been found in north of Mexico.

The earliest examples of cranial deformation extend back to the Neolithic Era approximately 10,000 years ago, and the practice has existed among many cultures around the world. The reason for the practice, however, is less clear. Some tribes have reported that they believe that those with elongated heads have greater intelligence. Other reasons have included enhanced beauty, increased social standing, or making them look fierce in war.

Brien Foerster, author and expert on elongated skulls, has presented some of the most spectacular research on the subject. He has found that while most skulls show clear signs of deliberate cranial deformation, there are a percentage of skulls, namely those found in Paracus, Peru, which are anatomically different and which cannot be explained by practices of head flattening. These skulls, he said, have a cranial volume that is 25% larger than conventional human skulls (cranial deformation does not increase volume), and which weigh 60% more. Brien Foerster outlines further differences: “they contain two small holes in the back of the skull, perpendicular to the cranial suture present in the parietal plate of the skull. Every normal human skull is composed of 3 major bone plates; the frontal plate, which ends at the upper part of the forehead, and the 2 parietal plates which lie behind this, intersecting the frontal plate making a “T” shape. The holes are thought by Lloyd to be natural; every human jaw has a small hole on either side which is for nerves and blood vessels to exit and feed the tissue there; these 2 holes at the back of the skull may perform the same function for the elongated skull. The other factor is that there is only one parietal plate, where there should be two.”

These findings are quite dramatic, yet strangely unreported in mainstream publications and media reports.

By April Holloway

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  • A U.S. ecologist says conditions such as bad backs and sunburn suggest humans did not evolve alongside other life on Earth
  • In a new book, Dr Ellis Silver says aliens put humans our planet as recently as tens of thousands of years ago
  • He suggests the Earth might be a prison planet, since humans seem to be a naturally violent species and are here until we learn to behave ourselves

By Sarah Griffiths

PUBLISHED: 17:48, 14 November 2013 |

Dr Ellis Silver

In his book, Dr Ellis Silver points to a number of physiological features to make his case for why humans did not evolve alongside other life on Earth

A U.S. ecologist has claimed that humans are not from Earth but were put on the planet by aliens tens of thousands of years ago.

Dr Ellis Silver points to a number of physiological features to make his case for why humans did not evolve alongside other life on Earth, in his new book.

They range from humans suffering from bad backs – which he suggests is because we evolved in a world with lower gravity – to getting too easily sunburned and having difficulty giving birth.

Dr Ellis says that while the planet meets humans’ needs for the most part, it does not perhaps serve the species’ interests as well as the aliens who dropped us off imagined.

In his book, HUMANS ARE NOT FROM EARTH: A SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION OF THE EVIDENCE, the ecologist writes the human race has defects that mark it of being ‘not of this world’.

‘Mankind is supposedly the most highly developed species on the planet, yet is surprisingly unsuited and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment: harmed by sunlight, a strong dislike for naturally occurring foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more,’ he told Yahoo.

Dr Ellis says that humans might suffer from bad backs because they evolved on a world with lower gravity.

He also says that it is strange that babies’ heads are so large and make it difficult for women to give birth, which can result in fatalities of the mother and infant.

Dr Ellis says that humans might suffer from bad backs

Dr Ellis says that humans might suffer from bad backs (illustrated) because they evolved on a world with lower gravity. He also says that it is strange that babies’ heads are so large and make it difficult for women to give birth, which resulted in fatalities in earlier times


No other native species on this planet has this problem, he says.

He also believes humans are not designed to be as exposed to the sun as they are on Earth, as they cannot sunbathe for more than a week or two – unlike a lizard – and cannot be exposed to the sun every day without problems.

Dr Ellis also claims humans are always ill and this might be because our body clocks have evolved to expects a 25 hour day, as proven by sleep researchers.


‘This is not a modern condition; the same factors can be traced all the way back through mankind’s history on Earth,’ he says.

He suggests that Neanderthals such as homo erectus were crossbred with another species, perhaps from Alpha Centauri, which is the closest star system to our solar system, some 4.37 light years away from the sun.


He also believes humans are not designed to be so exposed to the sun as they are on Earth, as they cannot sunbathe for more than a week or two ¿ unlike a lizard ¿ and cannot be exposed to the sun every day



  • Bad backs suggest humans evolved in a world with lower gravity
  • Sunburn hints humans were not designed to be exposed constantly to the sun
  • The size of babies’ heads present a problem for women when giving birth – difficulty not shared by other species on the planet
  • Humans are always ill, perhaps beacuse their body clocks have evolved to expect a 25 hour day – unlike Earth’s
  • People just feel like they are not at home on our planet

Dr Ellis said many people feel that they don’t belong and feel at home on Earth.

‘This suggests (to me at least) that mankind may have evolved on a different planet, and we may have been brought here as a highly developed species.’

‘One reason for this … is that the Earth might be a prison planet, since we seem to be a naturally violent species and we’re here until we learn to behave ourselves,’ he said.

Dr Ellis said the book is intended to create debate, instead of being a scientific study and hopes it will lead to people getting in touch with him with further suggestions of ‘evidence’.

While other scientists have said some bacteria arrived on Earth from space, Chris McKay, an astrobiologist at NASA, said that to jump to the conclusion that it is alien life is ‘a big jump’.

Alpha Centauri

Was this home? Dr Ellis suggests Neanderthals such as homo erectus were crossbred with another species, perhaps from Alpha Centauri. Star Proxima Centauri is pictured in the star system, which is the closest to our solar system some 4.37 light years away from the sun


Professor Wainwright from the University of Sheffield plans to investigate further, and believes that life is constantly arriving from space that did not originate on Earth.

Dr Ellis says that while his idea is an extreme evolution of that idea, it is intended to be thought-provoking and he claims to have had a largely positive response to it.

He is interested in whether humans came to Earth separately, perhaps by arriving on meteors and comets, before evolving into the species we know today.

‘My thesis proposes that mankind did not evolve from that particular strain of life, but evolved elsewhere and was transported to Earth (as fully evolved Homo sapiens) between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago,’ he says.


Real-world fears are being turned into an amusement park, and ‘Watch Dogs’ is the main attraction

By Adi Robertson on July 3, 2013 12:30 pm

Watch Dogs We Are Data


In early June, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed the first hints of a pervasive government surveillance program. Depending on who you talked to, the NSA could either collect emails with debatable oversight or literally watch people type. Congress and the president denied that the revelations were shocking — in fact, they said, they’d known about them all along.

During the weeks that followed, Ubisoft began ramping up the post-E3 campaign for Watch Dogs, an upcoming action game about a hacker and a world where “smart” cities make everyone both constantly connected and constantly monitored. What would otherwise have been unremarkable became unsettling. “Be prepared for a reality you may not be aware of,” says a promotional site called “We Are Data.” Upon entering viewers can see present-day cities as data maps, with icons for cell towers, Wi-Fi hotspots, and (oddly) public toilets. “Take control over the data now!” exhorts the game’s protagonist, Aiden Pearce. “Turn the city into a weapon against itself.” But can Watch Dogs, part of an ongoing trickle of big-budget action games ostensibly taking on serious subjects, be a meaningful participant in the surveillance conversation?

Most months, “We Are Data” would have produced a resigned nod and shake of the head, but people visiting it now have fresh reason to feel like their data is being weaponized against them. PRISM and other revelations weren’t just about what was seen — they were about the fact that when confronted with the leaks, the administration drove home how little it thought of public outrage. Watch Dogs promises a solution — but so far, it’s one that occupies an uncomfortable place between commentary and escapism.

Watch Dogs, obviously, has yet to come out. It’s possible that when it does, it will be a hitherto-unimaginable comment on ubiquitous surveillance and resistance. But if it’s anything like most of the big-name games I’ve played (and sometimes loved) over the last few years, it won’t be about the abuse of power. It will be about how much fun power is to abuse, with strange and sidelong nods to the fear that should evoke.

“Who really controls our cities, our information, and our lives?”

It would be easy to write off Watch Dogs and similar games as simply fantasies, but developers themselves make a habit of portraying their games as relevant political statements. When Watch Dogs was first announced at E3 2012, its trailer was ripped from the headlines of the past decade. “In the summer of 2003, the lights went out for 55 million Americans across the Northeast,” it began. “Eleven people died in the dark.” Asked about PRISM at E3 2013, lead designer Danny Belanger said it was “like reality is catching up to the game.” At a Sony event in February, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot asked the audience, “Who really controls our cities, our information, and our lives?”

The answer he gave was a PR-infused about-face: “Thanks to PlayStation 4 and our next-gen title Watch Dogs, we have the answer. It will be all of you.” In a nutshell, that’s the promise of mainstream “serious” gaming right now: someone will suffer being controlled and powerless, but it will almost never be you.

You’re not a nice person, are you?

Pulp games, like pulp movies or books, are meant to be enjoyable, with exceptional characters and a bombastic and exaggerated view of the world. But much pulp thrives on identifying with the downtrodden. Ballardian dystopias, with their themes of men and women being crushed by an unfeeling system, are the bread and butter of written science fiction. The best dystopian novels and films mire characters firmly in the day-to-day hopelessness of life before allowing them to rise above it.

The big AAA shooters that currently carry the mantle for most narrative gaming, though, often end up treating oppression as a fun tool to be wielded, not a thing to be overcome — even when they’re ostensibly meant to do the opposite. They don’t so much provide escape fantasies as they provide fantasies of never being affected in the first place, of being so far above the hoi polloi that the concerns with which the game is ostensibly struggling come off as little more than window dressing.

Early promotions for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the high-profile sequel to classic Deus Ex, played on the present-day anxiety over drugs like Adderall. “If I don’t improve myself, if I don’t augment myself, then I’ll be less intelligent, less capable, less strong than the rest of the human race,” said a character in a faux-expose of mechanical augmentations. Characters were shown being driven into homelessness trying to afford medically necessary immunosuppressants.

Dystopian games’ concerns end up coming off as window dressing

When you started the game, your character was promptly revealed to have no need for the drugs, and despite nods to the contrary, the overwhelming ethos was not “How can I accept these changes to my body?” but “How long until I can afford the next upgrade?” BioShock Infinite, another game meant to interrogate how power corrupts, was described as “art” in part because of its shocking violence. The constant bloodshed illustrated that “Booker DeWitt isn’t a good guy. He’s a brutal, immoral thug,” wrote Rus McLaughlin at VentureBeat. But when I played, I wasn’t really disgusted with myself for killing hundreds of people. I was too busy figuring out the optimal way to cut through them in that slick, aesthetic way that BioShock Infinite offers.

As the famous (supposed) Truffaut quote posits, it’s arguably almost impossible to make an anti-war film, and creating a mainstream game that effectively critiques its core mechanic is even harder. Power is fun: if I see an overreaching, draconian enforcement system in a game, I’m going to want to use it. All in all, I’m pretty comfortable with that. It is, however, strange to see anybody take these same games’ social messages as anything more than a marketing strategy. Even if, in the past, I’ve done it.

Some game developers have talked about the problems of working in a narrative medium that strongly favors certain styles of play — particularly shooting and hitting. It’s hard to get around this, and one of the cleanest ways to do so is just to embrace the implications, to show players how easily they can become brutal, immoral thugs. BioShock Infinite, obviously, falls into this, but so does the self-aware indie splatter game Hotline Miami, whose entire premise can be summed up in one quote: “You’re not a nice person, are you?”

Do we really need help learning that, though? No matter how mildly discomfited you might feel playing an oppressor, it’s far more uncomfortable and revealing to see yourself as helpless. From what we’ve seen so far in Watch Dogs, your power depends on a huge surveillance network that lets you spy on almost everyone you meet, turning you into a kind of vigilante NSA and letting you choose whether to use your power responsibly. Becoming the NSA might show us how easy it is to be virtuous or corrupted, but it ultimately won’t help us work through the problem of being spied on by a hundred exceptional Aidan Pearces, and identifying with people who hurt people isn’t a substitute for empathizing with people who get hurt.


“I got tear-gassed by the cops.”


The flip side of playing a watchman is turning the tables on one. Infamous: Second Son, which is regularly presented alongside Watch Dogs at Sony’s press conferences, is all but described as a straightforward revenge fantasy against the surveillance state. “In 1999, I took part in a political rally and got tear-gassed by the cops,” said developer Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox, introducing the game in February. “Up until then, I’d always thought the police were there to protect me, to protect the people that I care about. But on that day, they didn’t.”

Fox pulled in statistics about the kind of things we’d be debating furiously a few months later: the government sent 1.3 million requests for information on cellphone customers in 2011; TSA lines resulted in the equivalent of “a thousand lifetimes lost in one year.” After warning that the cost of security would be our liberty, Fox imagined a world where superhumans could spark both more panic and more resistance: “Which of us would have the courage to fight to get our freedoms back?” Second Son puts forward at least one way to deal with being watched, and once again, it hasn’t been released. So far, though, what we’ve seen filters the indignity of losing freedom through the eyes of a character who can do pretty much anything he wants.

Far at the other end of the spectrum, the minimalist queer games or “zinester” movement has put the focus squarely on living through suffering, not using it as a backdrop. Critic and developer Mattie Brice took issue with games that accept inflicting violence or quitting as the only choices. “For some reason, people laud games like [Spec Ops: The Line] and Bioshock for not giving a solution, for not putting in a step forward,” she wrote. “Games are clearly overestimated when it comes to the kinds of topics and play is actually there.”

Porpentine, a prolific and talented creator of Twine text games, has perhaps best summed up what makes a dystopia effective. In a piece for Rock Paper Shotgun, she discussed a game called 000000052573743. In 000000052573743, you’re a single figure in a room full of people who look just like you, surrounded by armed guards and some kind of evil rat-king. Like BioShock or Hotline Miami, it’s a game about doing what you’re told. But what you’re told is to walk in line or to run, or to stand still while the pixelated people around you die.

Resistance is a lot less radical when you’re a superhero

“How many games about dystopias would be improved if you were just a working class drone, not an invincible white male supermurderer armed with ultra-violence augmentations / magic?” Porpentine asked. “How can we criticize systems if we only play as two-dimensional hyper-escapist heroes, and not as people actually affected by the violence and injustice so common to many narratives?”

There are games that can take on these issues, that can make you really struggle with living in a dystopia — intense, sadistic RPGs like Pathologic or harsh shooters like DayZ. Whether because of disposition or their marketing budget, though, these games often aren’t the ones we end up pointing to when we look for big examinations of “serious issues.”

Ultimately, it may be silly to expect big-name shooters to take on oppression, surveillance, or any of the other issues dystopias try to deal with. If that’s true, though, it’s equally silly to take their real-world warnings or analysis as anything more than bluster, or to keep bringing them up as an example of anything more than good fun or, at best, clever pastiche. I’m always going to like playing pulpy games that take on the trappings of real-world issues, but it’s getting harder and harder to pretend they have something real or interesting to say about them.


In 2006 the AIDS epidemic was a quarter-century old. Officially starting in June 1981 as a mysterious and fatal disease exclusively found in several dozen young white gay men from New York City and Los Angeles, the disease has already killed 20 million people with 40 million more currently infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), widely accepted as the sole cause of AIDS. One million Americans are now infected with HIV; and almost half of the new cases are African-American.

The disease was first uncovered in homosexual men from Manhattan. “Gay cancer,” in the form of Kaposi’s sarcoma skin tumours, was the most striking telltale sign; and drugs, promiscuity, and anal sex were all thought to play a role in the unprecedented suppression of the immune system. It was soon obvious that the disease was not limited to gays: the mysterious agent was in the national blood supply, and an epidemic of AIDS was also uncovered in Central Africa.

In April 1984 Robert Gallo of the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) announced his discovery of HIV as the cause of AIDS. Subsequently, Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in Paris filed a lawsuit claiming he had first discovered the AIDS virus at Pasteur, and that Gallo had stolen the French virus after it was sent to his lab for study.

Twenty-five years later, the origin of AIDS still remains a mystery. The disease is widely believed to have originated in Africa when a primate (monkey) virus “jumped species” to first infect Black Africans. However, it is important to note that this belief is theory, not proven fact.

Montagnier has wisely cautioned that it is extremely important to distinguish between the ancestral origin of HIV and the actual beginning of the AIDS epidemic. The animal virus ancestor of HIV may indeed be centuries old, but it is obvious that the epidemic itself is new.

The epidemic did not begin in Africa. The first AIDS cases were uncovered in Manhattan in 1979. At that time there were no reported African cases. In fact, the AIDS epidemic in Africa did not begin until the autumn of 1982 at the earliest.

How was HIV introduced exclusively into the gay community in the late 1970s? The exclusive introduction of HIV into the homosexual population of New York City is an unprecedented event in the history of medicine. This biologic phenomenon has never been fully explained scientifically. There is certainly no evidence to indicate white gay men were the only people exposed to sexual contact with Africans, particularly at a time when the epidemic did not exist in Africa. Furthermore, it is biologically impossible for a purported sexually-transmitted and blood borne “virus out of Africa” to infect only young, white, healthy men in Manhattan! Yet, the impossible did happen. Despite these facts, we are repeatedly told that AIDS began in Africa, even though the American epidemic began before the African epidemic.

The mixing of AIDS facts and fallacies has long been apparent to researchers like myself who are convinced that HIV did not come from Mother Nature and “species jumping,” but was most likely introduced via contaminated vaccine experiments exclusively targeting the Black African and the American Gay community.

Before exploring the man-made theory of AIDS, it is important to note a small but highly vocal group who believes the cause of AIDS is still unknown, that the AIDS blood test is worthless, and that HIV is a harmless virus that is not sexually transmitted. This group, headed by retrovirologist Peter Duesberg and other well-credentialed scientific “dissidents,” believes AIDS is a toxic and nutritional syndrome. They blame AIDS on recreational drug use among gays – and poverty and malnutrition in Africa for the disease.

As a medical doctor and AIDS and cancer researcher, I am certainly not in accord with this group, but they have been quite successful politically, influencing world leaders like President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, much to the chagrin of the World Health Organisation. For more information, go to and type in “VirusMyth” or “The Perth Group”.

Genetic Engineering and the AIDS Epidemic

There is a close connection between the rise of genetic engineering and mixing of viruses in the early 1970s and the outbreak of HIV in the late 1970s. This connection persists in the form of the many unprecedented “emerging diseases” caused by “new viruses” that continue up to the present time.

In 1970 the discovery of a cell enzyme, called “reverse transcriptase” by Howard Temin and David Baltimore, allowed molecular biologists to detect so-called retroviruses in some animal cancers. It was soon recognised that retroviruses could be found normally in the genes of many animal cells, and that scientists could manipulated these viruses to produce detrimental effects on the immune system. In “species jumping” laboratory experiments, many viruses were transferred between different animal species and were also adapted to human cells.

As part of President Richard Nixon’s “War on Cancer,” genetic engineering of viruses became an integral part of the now largely forgotten Special Virus Cancer Program, conducted under the auspices of the NCI. Nixon also transferred part of the Army’s biological warfare unit at Fort Detrick, Maryland, over to the NCI, thereby allowing secret biowarfare experimentation to be carried out under cover of bona fide cancer research.

All this virus transfer and molecular manipulation was a biologic disaster waiting to happen. What would happen if one of these highly dangerous genetic creations escaped from the laboratory into the public sector? This culminated in a historic conference entitled “Biohazards in Biological Research” held at Asilomar, near Pacific Grove in California in 1973. Despite the biologic dangers, it was decided to continue this research.

By the late-1970s the War against Cancer and the Virus Cancer Program proved a bust with no cancer-causing retroviruses found in humans. The Program was winding down in 1978, at the exact time when government scientists were also enrolling thousands of gay men in New York City to serve as guinea pigs in the hepatitis B experiment that took place that same year at the New York Blood Centre in Manhattan. In 1979 the first cases of AIDS in gay men were reported from Manhattan. Coincidence? I think not.

Five years later, Gallo, who had worked for the Virus Cancer Program (VCP), “discovered” the retrovirus that causes AIDS; and Duesberg, who also worked for the VCP, continues to declare that HIV is harmless.

Is there a connection between the laboratory manipulation of primate retroviruses in the 1970s and the outbreak of AIDS? Or did Mother Nature conveniently pick that exact time to jump monkey genes into gay men to spectacularly revive the science of retrovirology and the careers of virologists like Gallo?

The Gay Vaccine Experiment and the Outbreak of AIDS

The earliest AIDS cases in America can be clearly traced back to the time period when the hepatitis B experiment began at the New York Blood Centre. The Centre began injecting gay men with multiple doses of the experimental vaccine in November 1978. The inoculations ended in October 1979, less than two years before the official start of the epidemic. Most importantly, the vaccine was developed in chimpanzees – the primate now thought to contain the “ancestor” virus of HIV. Also downplayed is the Centre’s pre-AIDS connection to primate research in Africa and also to a primate centre in the New York City area. The final experimental vaccine was also made by Merck and the NIH from the pooled serum specimens of countless gay men who carried the hepatitis B virus in their blood.

The New York Blood Centre (NYBC) is the largest independent blood supplier and distributor in the USA. In 1970, Alfred M Prince, M.D., head of the NYBC Laboratory of Virology, began his hepatitis research with chimps housed at LEMSIP (Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery) in downstate Tuxedo, NY. Until disbanded in 1997, LEMSIP supplied New York area scientists with primates and primate parts for transplantation and virus research.

Founded in 1965, LEMSIP was affiliated with New York University Medical Centre, where the first cases of AIDS-associated Kaposi’s sarcoma were discovered in 1979. NYU Medical Centre researchers were also heavily involved in the development of the experimental hepatitis B vaccine, and the Centre received government grants and contracts connected with biological warfare research beginning in 1969, according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola (1996).

In 1974 Prince, with the support of Aaron Kellner, President of the NYBC, moved the chimp hepatitis research to a new primate centre called Vilab II in Robertsfield, Liberia, in Africa. Chimps were captured from various parts of West Africa and brought to VILAB. The lab also prides itself by releasing “rehabilitated” chimps back into the wild. One cannot help but wonder if some of the purported “ancestors” of HIV in the African bush have their origin in chimpanzees held in African primate labs for vaccine and medical experimentation.

The hepatitis B experiment, which inoculated over 1,000 healthy gay men, was a huge success with 96% of the men developing antibodies again the hepatitis virus. This high rate of success could not have been achieved if the men were immunosuppressed, because immunosuppressed people do not easily form antibodies to the vaccine. The experiment was followed by similar hepatitis B experiments using gay men in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver and St. Louis, beginning in March 1980 and ending in October 1981, the same year the epidemic became official.

In the mid-1980s the many blood specimens donated by the gay Manhattan men during the experiment were retrospectively examined for HIV infection by researchers at the NYBC. It was determined that 6% of the specimens donated between 1978-1979 were positive for HIV. By 1984 (the end of the study period) over 40% of the men tested positive for HIV.

The final fate of all the men in the experiment has never been revealed. However, the blood donated by these men are the oldest HIV-positive blood tests on record in the United States. The full story of this experiment and its aftermath are contained in my two books on man-made AIDS: AIDS and the Doctors of Death (1988), and Queer Blood (1993). One fact is obvious: There was no AIDS in America until the exact year the government began experimenting with gay men.

There is also a suppressed connection between the outbreak of AIDS in Africa and the widespread vaccine programs conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the 1970s in Central Africa, particularly the smallpox eradication program. On May 11, 1987, London Times science writer Pearce Wright suggested the smallpox vaccine program could have awakened a “dormant” AIDS virus infection in Africa. Gallo was quoted as saying, “The link between the WHO program and the epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis. I cannot say that it actually happened, but I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines, such as that used for smallpox, can activate a dormant infection such as HIV.”

This explosive story linking AIDS to African vaccines was suppressed and never appeared in the controlled major American media. The genocidal and depopulation implications of this suppressed story can be found on the Internet by googling “WHO Murdered Africa”, by William Campbell Douglas, M.D.

Vaccines, Species Jumping and HIV

There are inherent dangers in vaccine production because vaccines are made on living cells. Contamination with bacteria and viruses are constant problems during the manufacturing process. Laboratory additives used to feed the cell cultures (such as fetal bovine [cow] serum) may also be a source of microbial contamination. Some researchers believe living and killed viruses injected into the body can combine with other viruses normally present in the body, resulting in disease-causing “recombinants.” Vaccines can also contain viral particles, as well as newly recognised tiny bacteria known as “nanobacteria.” Half the 2004 flu vaccine supply was destroyed due to contamination with disease-causing bacteria. The dangers of vaccines are downplayed in an attempt to assure the public that vaccines are safe.

We are repeatedly told that HIV is the first primate virus to “jump species” and produce an epidemic in humans. But, in truth, the AIDS epidemic is the secondinstance in which a monkey virus has been transferred to humans via vaccines.

Rarely-publicised is the fact that a cancer-causing monkey virus jumped species a half century ago when contaminated polio vaccines were injected into millions of people, including half the US population of that era. In the early 1960s it was discovered that some lots of polio vaccine manufactured on rhesus monkey kidney cells during the period 1955 to 1963 were contaminated with a monkey virus called SV40 (Simian virus #40). This primate virus was proven to cause cancer in experimental animals. However, to this day, health officials still insist there is no proof that SV40 causes human cancer.

Despite the lack of government interest, genetic and immunologic studies of SV40 by independent researchers over the past decade indicate this virus is clearly associated with rapidly-fatal cancers of the lung (mesothelioma), bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma), brain tumours in children, and other forms of cancer.

Washington Times report (September 21, 2003) states, “Some of the polio vaccine given to millions of American children from 1962 until 2000 could have been contaminated with a monkey virus that shows up in some cancers, according to documents and testimony to be delivered to a House committee Wednesday. The vaccine manufacturer said such claims ‘don’t have any validity,’ and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) agrees.” (See the website: For anyone who still believes vaccine makers and health officials always act in your best interest, I would highly recommend a recently published book titled The Virus and the Vaccine: The True Story of a Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus, Contaminated Polio Vaccine, and the Millions of Americans Exposed by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher.

Medical Experimentation and Biological Warfare

The idea of man-made AIDS is often considered a paranoid belief. Why would scientists introduce a virus to kill millions of people? AIDS experts routinely blame primates and human sexuality for the origin and spread of HIV, but they never consider the possibility that HIV could have originated in an animal cancer virus laboratory.

The sad truth is that governments and the military do indeed experiment on unsuspecting citizens. And Iraqi bioweapons of mass destruction was one of the reasons used to justify the current invasion of Iraq.

It is clear that AIDS started as a “gay disease.” However, yet another downplayed fact is that the HIV “strain” in America is different from the HIV strains found in Africa.

Harvard virologist Max Essex claims the American HIV strain spreads more easily via anal sex; whereas the African strains spread more efficiently via vaginal sex. This could explain why the American epidemic spreads primarily through homosexual activity and anal sex, while in Africa it is primarily heterosexual and spreads through vaginal sex. The “different” HIV strain in America is further evidence that “American AIDS” did not originate in Africa.

The Relationship Between AIDS and Cancer

The relationship between AIDS and cancer is also downplayed, along with the connection between the Special Virus Cancer Program and the ensuing outbreak of HIV. In Gallo’s book he readily admits to a relationship between AIDS and cancer, noting that “many people with AIDS develop one or more cancers.” There is now no doubt that HIV can lead to an increased incidence of cancer, particularly Kaposi’s sarcoma, Hodgkin’s disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and cervical cancer.

The purpose of the Virus Cancer Program was two-fold. First, to discover a virus in humans that could cause a form of cancer. Second, to develop immunosuppressive laboratory viruses useful in “making” cancer in experimental animals.

When Gallo discovered HIV in 1984, he called it a cancer-causing “leukemia/lymphoma” virus. The name was quickly changed to a “lymphotropic” virus, thus obscuring the relationship between the new “gay disease” and cancer. Virologists were quickly convinced that the virus came from primates, and both Gallo and Essex heavily promoted the readily accepted African green monkey origin of HIV. A decade later, chimpanzees (rather than monkeys) became the more favoured origin. The primate origin of HIV was further obscured by titling the virus as a “human immunodeficiency virus” (HIV) , rather than calling it “primate immunodeficiency virus” (or PIV) in humans.

Is HIV the Sole Cause of AIDS?

As noted, HIV is believed to be the sole cause of AIDS, although a few AIDS dissidents believe HIV is harmless. Generally disregarded by both groups is the matter of the origin of Kaposi’s sarcoma, the “gay cancer” associated with AIDS.

In 1994 it was reported that KS is actually caused by a new “herpes-8” virus. KS cases were first discovered in the late nineteenth century; and before AIDS it was a rare form of cancer. Before AIDS, KS was a non-transmissible disease that was never seen in young American men.

The finding of a new KS virus indicates that two different viruses were simultaneously introduced into gay men when AIDS began in the late 1970s. No rational explanation has been put forth for this bizarre occurrence; and how this “new” virus could cause a gay epidemic of KS has never been explained satisfactorily. Further complicating the “sole cause” of AIDS scenario is the recent discovery of tiny bacterial forms known as “mycoplasma.” Luc Montagnier believes these microbes are important infectious “co-factors” in the development of AIDS, although most AIDS researchers ignore mycoplasma.

The “Cancer Microbe” Link to AIDS

Although the precise cause of cancer is unknown, there is a century of microbial research linking certain tuberculosis-like bacteria to cancer. This research is ignored as medical heresy, but my own reported cancer studies indicate that “acid-fast” bacteria indeed exist in common forms of cancer and in Kaposi’s sarcoma.

I have written extensively about these bacteria in AIDS; The Mystery & the Solution (1984), The Cancer Microbe (1990), and Four Women Against Cancer(2005). Cancer bacteria have characteristics of both bacteria and viruses. There are also similarities to mycoplasma and to newly-discovered nanobacteria, currently considered to be the smallest forms of life and known to contaminate commercial vaccines. Nanobacteria are ubiquitous and may be involved in the pathology of many diseases currently considered of unknown cause.

Cancer microbe research has been ignored in AIDS and KS. However, Lawrence Broxmeyer, M.D., in AIDS: What the Discoverers of HIV Never Admitted (2003), concludes that the real cause of AIDS is not HIV, but actually tuberculosis-like bacteria. He thinks Gallo and Montagnier found a retrovirus because that was the only thing they were looking for.

Unlike Broxmeyer, I believe HIV came out of animal cancer research and dangerous vaccine and biological warfare experimentation – and that HIV made its way into vaccines injected into African Blacks and American Gays. If unrecognised cancer microbes are proven to be an unrecognised infectious factor in cancer and AIDS, as I believe they are, this would certainly add to the dangers of genetic engineering of cancer viruses and new bio-warfare agents.

I believe HIV is essential to produce the immunodeficiency characteristic of AIDS, but I consider HIV plus unrecognised “cancer bacteria” to be the causes of AIDS.

The Origin of Gallo’s HIV Virus

Could HIV be related to reported virus-like forms of cancer bacteria? A careful reading of how Gallo “isolated” HIV indicates possible derivation from cancerous cells harbouring unrecognised bacteria.

Unlike most bacteria which can be grown on artificial laboratory culture media, viruses need living cells to grow and survive. Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Crewdson provides a detailed analysis of the discovery of HIV in Science Fictions: A Scientific Mystery, A Massive Cover-Up, and the Dark Legacy of Robert Gallo (2002), a highly unflattering portrait of Gallo and an account of the lawsuit initiated by the Pasteur Institute, accusing Gallo of stealing the AIDS virus.

According to Crewdson, HIV was finally isolated in Gallo’s lab by isolating the virus in pooled blood T-cells from ten patients with AIDS. From that brew, the virus was cultured in larger amounts for commercial purposes by growing HIV on “cell lines” derived from the white blood cells (T-cells) of patients with lymphoma cancer. This particular strain of HIV became the basis for Gallo’s patented HIV blood test and the resulting lawsuit.

Montagnier claimed that he first discovered HIV at Pasteur and when he sent the virus to Gallo’s lab for testing, he believes Gallo stole the virus and made it his own discovery. Gallo repeatedly declared his virus was not the French virus.

It was eventually proven that Montagnier’s virus somehow made its way into Gallo’s HIV culture. Just as everyone’s fingerprints are different, so too is every HIV virus. Gallo’s virus was molecularly identical to Montagnier’s in every respect. With the intervention of President Ronald Reagan and the French Premier, the lawsuit was settled out of court in 1987 , with the two researchers agreeing to split the royalties from the AIDS blood test.

Despite all this, the scientific controversy continued, resulting in additional investigations by the National Academy of Sciences and the NIH Office of Scientific Integrity. In 1991, Gallo finally conceded that Montagnier’s virus had most likely contaminated his laboratory and that his AIDS patented blood test was indeed based on the Pasteur virus. In 1992, the National Academy of Sciences’ panel completed its investigation, producing a report critical of Gallo.

All these scientific irregularities surrounding the precise lab origin of HIV point to serious problems in virology. For example, for several years Gallo was unable or unwilling to admit his virus was identical to Montagnier’s virus, even though they proved as identical as any two HIV virus strains could be. Furthermore, the controversy proves how easily virus laboratories can be contaminated by “outside” viruses.

One of the contentions of the man-made theory of AIDS is that the experimental hepatitis B vaccine was contaminated with an immunosuppressive AIDS-causing agent and/or the Kaposi’s sarcoma virus. This theory is condemned as conspiracy theory. Certainly the vaccine was unlike any other in that it was made from the blood of gay men who were hepatitis B virus carriers. During the gay experiment at the NYBC there was concern that something was wrong with the vaccine and that it might be contaminated. According to June Goodfield’sQuest for the Killers, p 86, “This was no theoretical fear, contamination having been suspected in one batch made by the National Institutes of Health, though never in Merck’s.”

Four years before AIDS in 1975, Gallo also reported a “human virus” (HL-23) that subsequently proved to be three contaminating laboratory cancer-causing primate viruses (gibbon ape virus, simian sarcoma virus, and baboon endogenous virus). Gallo claims he has no idea how these animal viruses contaminated his lab. In 1986 Essex also reported a “new AIDS virus” that eventually turned out to be a monkey virus traced back to his own lab. Despite these contaminations, Gallo and Essex both blamed AIDS on monkeys in the jungle and heavily promoted the “out of Africa” origin of American AIDS.

After AIDS began there were instances where a strain of HIV isolated from a particular AIDS patient inadvertently contaminated HIV specimens from other AIDS patients – and where HIV strains sent to other laboratories accidentally contaminated additional specimens.

For years Montagnier insisted that Gallo’s virus was isolated from a French patient named Brugiere. In 1991 the two foremost AIDS experts were astonished to learn that Gallo’s strain of HIV actually belonged to a patient named Laillier. Unbeknownst to Montagnier, the “Bru” culture had somehow contaminated the “Lai” culture at the Pasteur lab.

Is AIDS Genocide Against Gays and Blacks?

Why is there a blackout of the man-made theory of AIDS in the scientific literature and in the corporate-controlled media? Although some evidence is presented here, it is a fraction of the documentation presented in my two books on the man-made epidemic, and in books by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and Professor Robert E Lee, and in Dr. Robert Strecker’s video “The Strecker Memorandum”, and in other sources.

I do not believe the exclusive introduction of HIV into the most hated minority in America was caused by monkeys in the African bush, particularly when AIDS appeared immediately after the gay experiment. Why are primates in the African wild blamed when tens of thousands of captive primates in virus labs all over the world have been injected with infectious viruses and cancerous tissue for more than a century?

Why were African Blacks targeted? Many Africans and African-Americans believe AIDS is an experiment to rid the world of Black people, as part of a government-sanctioned world depopulation program.

American gays were the perfect target to test a new retrovirus. A largely homophobic public would easily accept HIV infection in gays, due to their purported promiscuity and drug use. Few people would believe the US government would secretly test biologic agents on its civilians, although there is a well-documented history of secret unethical experimentation extending back to the Cold War of the 1950s which includes the government’s horrendous “radiation experiments.”

I cannot explain the silence and apathy on these issues from the Black and the Gay communities. People don’t seem to care much about genocide unless their own group is affected; and even so, most people are in denial and don’t want to know about man-made AIDS. Many AIDS activists simply dismiss the man-made theory as a “distraction” which interferes with HIV testing and treatment, and the search for a cure.

The Secret History of AIDS

The history of AIDS has been deliberately white-washed to obscure its man-made origin. Knowledge of HIV and other retroviruses came directly out of the little-known and secret Special Virus Cancer Program of the 1970s. More than one virus was introduced into American gays in the late 1970s, and mycoplasma and “cancer bacteria” are additional infectious agents that have been ignored in proclaiming HIV as the “sole cause of AIDS.”

Secret bio-warfare research co-mingled with bona fide cancer research at the NCI in the decade before AIDS, and that association continues up to the present time. AIDS in America erupted when government researchers began experimenting with gays, using an experimental vaccine developed in primates – the animals purported to contain the “ancestor virus” of HIV. AIDS in America did not come from Africa. HIV occurred exclusively in the gay community because the virus was put there by the “hand of man.”

Mother Nature wisely separated the species but, in the decade before AIDS, genetic researchers repeatedly violated the “species barrier” by transferring cancer-causing viruses between various animal species, ostensibly to improve our health.

The man-made theory of AIDS is not based on conspiracy theory. The theory warrants a full scientific investigation – and the secret history of HIV and AIDS needs to come out of the closet.

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ALAN CANTWELL MD is a retired physician and cancer researcher who believes cancer is caused by bacteria and AIDS is man-made. There is probably no other physician on the planet whose publications are as controversial. Dr. Cantwell is a frequent contributor to New Dawn. Much of his research can be found on, and thirty of his published papers can be accessed at (type in Cantwell AR). He is the author of two books on the man-made epidemic of AIDS: AIDS and the Doctors of Death, and Queer Blood, and a book on the microbiology of cancer, The Cancer Microbe. His latest book is called Four Women Against Cancer. Dr. Cantwell is now happily retired from the clinical practice of dermatology, and lives in Hollywood, California. Web site: Email:

Avocados And Dogma

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Philosophy

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Neil Kramer

When we esteem and define ourselves through our work, we falter. Whether scrubbing toilets, accelerating particles, designing suspension bridges, or contemplating existence on a mountaintop – the nature of our work is ultimately inconsequential.

Galaxies effervesce, implode, and rejuvenate. Stars ignite and radiate. Planets throb, crack, and blossom. Interpenetrating dimensions yield inconceivable layers of flowing complexity. And amid it all, trillions of life-forms arise to witness and engage in this astonishing celestial symphony. So what is the purpose of it all? Is there a purpose? Does it need a purpose? What if the universe is an experiment in self-guided creation; a creation that creates itself as an evolving work-in-progress, founded on self-incrementing emanations of harmony, form, and equilibrium. If this were a work of art (which it may be), we could reasonably equate this process with what we call ‘beauty’.

Some intelligences are more involved in this endeavor than others. Disharmonious, fragmented, unbalanced life-forms may have their fifteen minutes of fame, but they will eventually fizzle out because they lack the ability to synchronize with the unifying imperative towards beauty. For those who do choose to align with the grand composition – personally contributing to ever-deeper levels of truth and elegance in all things – the universe reveals itself to be an extremely resourceful collaborator, a powerful ally, and a faithful companion.

The universe wants our artistic concurrence to be creative and singular; so it never tells us what to do. It prefers that we determine our own actions. But it will leave clues, arrange for meaningful symbols to appear on our path, and sometimes will speak through the movement of the natural environment. The wind in the trees can be heard to whisper, ‘not what, but how’. Not what you do, but how you do it.

I Done Wrong

The cogitations of one individual human are no more or less important than the sentience of an ocean, or the arc of a comet, or the afternoon dream of a sleeping Himalayan house cat. The quality and character may be different, but can the ideas of a man really be more essential than the blazing light of a sun? Our doings are exercises in conduct and growth. Specifics are irrelevant. It’s all yard work in the end. But that’s a very zoomed out thing. Witnessing humans poison themselves and the planet is exasperating, but not at all beyond the normal scope of experimental disharmonious schooling. At root, our wrongness is merely being out of alignment with the universe. The movement towards righteousness is a movement towards becoming universally aligned. We sometimes call this spirituality. A healthy, rounded attitude is very helpful. Purity of being is more important than accumulation of knowledge.

Whilst many gurus, scholars, researchers, and visionaries claim an absence of egotism, they seem inexplicably happy to laud the crucial significance of their own work. They consider the ‘what’ more important than the ‘how’. When someone openly regards their own systems of thought as monumentally important, they are divulging a deep crack in their own core. An inner struggle is being played out publicly. Still they insist that they are altruistically devoted to just getting the information out, serving as a conduit for sacred knowledge, helping the global awakening, serving the planetary spirit. Or some shit like that. After a decade of witnessing this up close and personal, I have found such pronouncements to be overwhelmingly untrue. The labor of the vast majority of underground personalities is entirely about themselves.

When self-esteem is lacking, recognition is sought from the outside. When self-worth is lacking, the heavy burden of martyrdom is declared. Both strategies are a response to unresolved inner turmoil. This is why we have dreamers on one side, and stoics on the other. Either way, the metaphysical material they tender is infected with a litany of personal issues, and is therefore heavily compromised. Nothing can be relied upon. Passions are merely personal ravings. Expositions and arguments are little more than emotional tantrums.

One definition of dogmatism is “unfounded positiveness in matters of opinion; arrogant assertion of opinions as truths.” As you will have noticed, this is rife in alternative circles. Whether dealing with matters of consciousness, spirituality, psychology, politics, conspiracy, paranormal, or whatever, the level of absurd recycled conjecture put forth as solid truth is dreadful. And those who are easily-led continue to gossip and wank over this stuff night after night in horrible brain-dead forums. In face-to-face discourse, we instinctively know when people are talking nonsense, and these things can be waved away with a smile or a shake of the head. But what are we to do when the dogma is not so clearly identifiable because it is being purposefully camouflaged in obscure, esoteric subject matters?

Have the courage to discriminate. Learn to know when you are hearing dogma. Know when you are hearing the shriek of the ego. Know when there is a humor deficiency.

Shut Up And Get On With It

I embarked upon my philosophical journey for no other reason than the sheer personal fulfillment of it. No goals, no career, no prestige. I couldn’t care less what anyone else thought. I still don’t. I deliberately steered clear of marriage, children, and system indebtedness, so I could go about my mental vagrancy without causing too much trouble. I chose this path myself, of my own accord. The aliens didn’t ask me to do anything. There were no appearances by nine foot turquoise beings. No mandates from God, Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, the saints, pilgrims, masters, or watchers. I have never once set eyes upon the sacred emerald avocado, cloistered in a hidden grove and suspended in the teardrops of unicorns. No. It’s just me exploring the world.

Professionally, I am easy to please. I don’t need anything otherworldly to float my boat. My biggest satisfaction in the last year was when a man with whom I had worked told me that he is now speaking with his daughter for the first time in 30 years. They are slowly getting to know each other, hanging out, and beginning to genuinely respect, befriend, and love each other. No galactic revelations or higher dimensional interlopers necessary. Not today. Just humans trying to be better. To act as sincerely as possible. To be where we are. To help when asked. To claim our sovereignty. To speak the truth.

My ego is rarely at the helm, privately or publicly. In fact, I have a hard job persuading it to step out of its natural role at all nowadays – which is a good thing. I find it useful to envisage my ego as a tactical officer (a bit like Tuvok in Voyager). His duties and talents are focused on looking after the overall security of the system. And he does that very well; mobile, alert, strong, composed. However, tactical officers do not do well if they find themselves thrust into the role of captain. If that happens too often, life becomes one enormous miserable competition; always vying for advantage, dominance, safety, and esteem. This is an exhausting and artificial way of living.

By virtue of where and when I was born, I developed a natural resistance to egotism. In 1970’s Manchester, England, there was a very unsentimental working class resonance that deterred the individual from ever disappearing too far up their own rabbit hole. Just do what you’re doing, shut up, and get on with it. If you toot your own horn too loudly, someone will rightfully jam it down your throat. So be cool. Secondly, I had a very healthy relationship with nature from childhood onwards. Years of watching falcons, hawks, buzzards, otters, and foxes hunting on their home turf, automatically lowers one’s sense of self importance and personal projection. If you are too heavy in your selfness, animals can feel it and they hide from you. Whereas, if you are light of self, they will let you be among them. As the Native Americans say, tread lightly. And last but not least, is the miracle of humor. If you aren’t laughing, you’re doing it wrong. Period. All my close friends, family, and honored colleagues, laugh all the time. We laugh at ourselves, each other, our work, and our world. When humor is a constant companion, any traces of pomposity are instantly eliminated.

Alan Watts (1915-1973) used to laugh a lot. Humor was part of his philosophy. He knew his attainments, his limitations, his excellence, and his vices. And he found the contrast amusing. As it is in all of us. So his profound wisdom was very naturally grounded in self observation and transformation. He understood that if self is too heavy, it impedes growth. Only when self is light and fluid can we truly mature. Everything else is a simulation.

Watts reminds me to be wary of self-proclaimed wise men who do not laugh. Next time you listen to popular figures in alternative circles, pay careful attention to how often they express both humor and humility. How often do they laugh, smile, share, open? Can you feel their warmth? Don’t confuse forthrightness with authenticity. Put their knowledge to one side for a moment, and consider how good are they at ‘being’? How proficient are they at being a full spectrum human with all the artistry, balance, and lovingness that is so essential for a true and healthy outlook? If these things are missing, we are not dealing with centered beings. We are dealing with men who regard solemnity as the only proper accompaniment to the imagined gravity of their work. The more serious someone is about their stuff, the more I question their sincerity.

Enjoy The Gloom

Personal subjective mindscapes are fine for the individual, but hugely irrelevant to everyone else. We all have different ways of perceiving and interacting with the world. There is no one true path. No single overarching mythos, practice, or method. All we have are observations. We have to go our own way. Strive to see things in their naked actuality. Never apply a narrative to what needs no narrative. Avoid continual references to Goddesses, Gods, demons, angels, evil, sorcery, aliens, creation stories, prophecies, cataclysms, sinister psychology, and needlessly obscure jargon.

When I detect a consistent thread of dogmatism in someone’s words and thinking, I know that something is wrong. If I perceive that they also secretly enjoy the gloom, fall out with people a lot, insist on things being a certain way, and are elevating their special knowledge above all others, then I am calling it emotional immaturity. When a person becomes unduly attached to their own theories concerning ‘how things are’, then their perceptions are already skewed. You can spot these folks a mile off, because they always feel an irresistible urge to prove, bolster, defend, attack, and contend. And like the very control system they are railing against, they only become more pompous in their ideological convictions as the whole thing crumbles around their heads.

The doctrinaire man* has had his day. The cults, gurus, expos, and temples are going out of business. Whilst they worked well from the 1960’s all the way through to the 1990’s, their credibility seriously declined in the 2000’s as people started to question the dogma. They were tired of it. The same principle of a redundant and fraudulent priest class – previously rejected in mainstream Abrahamic religions – was now being acknowledged and thrown out in the new age paradigm. Today, only those who are lonely, naive, ill, or desperate continue to buy into it. For everyone else, they have rightfully concluded that the premise of a special transmission of enlightenment through enigmatically ordained individuals, is a casino-style con.

For men engaged chiefly in intellectual pursuits, the impulse to define themselves through their work is a pretty common trait. It is, nevertheless, always a grave and unnecessary error. If their studious ruminations also have an esoteric or mystical element, the delusional man can get away with bloody murder in repackaging theatrical twaddle as sound knowledge. Beware those who confidently suppose that they are on some higher mission, have been singled out for vital work, and possess an exclusive understanding of the road to salvation. This serves only to induce even greater imagined merit in the mind of the perpetrator. For this reason, they are compelled to maintain and defend their theorizing – not for fidelity of the work itself – but for their own mental health.

When you sniff dogma in a person, immediately examine the health and poise of their ‘beingness’ – that is, their human ability to simply be, without affectation or projection. How good are they at being a genuine well rounded individual? Forget crusading scholars and cryptic sages. I mean the animal: mind, heart, and will, acting in unison in the flesh. If they cannot really be, they cannot really know. In such circumstances (as with the aforementioned Vulcan), the stunning technology of humor is regrettably supplanted by the self-defeating conventions of dogma. Only a humble man can laugh from his depths. The lightheartedness of existence is one of the great mysteries.

Notes & Further Reading

* Whilst there are both male and female new age zealots out there, most of the dogma comes from men; hence the choice of gender in this essay.

This essay is not about any specific individual. It is about a general egoic aberration that obscures truth by fragmenting being. I’m calling it like I see it.

By James Maskell
November 6, 2013 12:56 PM EST
For a Different Perspective

As a physician working with underserved populations, I’ve personally cared for people who have died of complications related to infectious diseases. There’s a lot of confusing information in the media about vaccines, so I wanted to share what we do know in case this information could save a life… Read

This is a very sensitive topic, and before I go further, let me first point out that the title of this post is not “8 Reasons Why You Should Not Vaccinate Your Child.” This is my personal decision based on research, and I am glad to live in a country where some choice is still afforded to those who wish to abstain.

A real conversation about vaccines is almost nonexistent in the media, where people are often segregated into either the “pro” or “anti” camps. When I speak to people about this directly, on the other hand, the conversation is always more nuanced and complex. While I certainly acknowledge the historical data that back up vaccine effectiveness, it might be time to have a fresh discussion.

My hope in writing this post is to promote honest and mutually respectful discourse, not to further polarize this topic. My daughter is only six months old right now, and I may consider changing my mind. I only hope you, the reader, are as open. I invite you to share your thinking in the comments section.

1. I fear the risk of complications from vaccines more than I fear the risk of complications from infection.

I am not fearful of short-term infections that come and go, like chicken pox. I had it growing up, and it would leave my daughter with lifetime natural immunity. Furthermore, the “long-term consequences of preventing natural exposure to agents covered by vaccine are not known.”

I am much more fearful of what comes through that needle, because the risks of vaccine side effects are real. Additionally, vaccine side effects are largely underreported because the passive nature of the legal system puts the onus on the victim to make the connection, file extensive paperwork, and report the issue.

Here is just a small list of potential side effects:

Please know, I am not saying that vaccines cause ALL these chronic diseases, but we are getting precious few answers as to what is causing them. Until we really understand the mechanisms of this issue, I am not willing to take that risk.

2. I can vaccinate my daughter, but she can contract the infection anyway.

No vaccine is 100% effective. Some tout 95% effectiveness, others less than that. Last year’s flu vaccine was 56% effective in adults and children and only 9% effective in the elderly.

Furthermore, it has been repeatedly determined that fully vaccinated children (and adults) can still get the infection the vaccines are designed to prevent. In fact, in recent outbreaks of whooping cough, the majority of those affected were fully vaccinated. Researchers have also speculated that some forms of whooping cough are becoming resistant to vaccines. Either way, with suboptimal efficacy and proven risks, this is not a chance I am willing to take.

3. I don’t trust drug companies.

In theory, scientific studies help us to separate fact from fiction. However, this recent review of scientific literature caught my attention. It warns about drug companies’ heavy influence on all aspects of health care research and strategy. The industry “masterfully influences evidence base production, evidence synthesis … and professional decisions. [sic]” Given that, how can I be sure I am getting science, not marketing?

My faith in pharmaceutical companies isn’t helped by the fact that they’ve paid more than $11 billion in fines from 2009 to 2012 for criminal wrongdoing. Admittedly this wasn’t because of vaccines, but the point is that these companies have a track record of not being trustworthy. What’s worse is that these huge sums are just considered “the cost of doing business,” as they pale in comparison to the profits they make.

4. I cannot sue the doctor, the nurse, or the drug company if there are serious side effects.

Unlike other drugs or products on the market, if my daughter has a serious, or even deadly, reaction to a vaccine, I cannot go all “Erin Brokovich” and sue the doctor, the nurse, the drug company, or form a class action lawsuit with others.

Thanks to the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986, the “Vaccine Court” was established within the Court of Federal Claims. By 2010, this program had paid nearly $2 billion in compensation to injured parties who said their health issues were caused by vaccines.

5. We don’t know enough about the human microbiome to understand how it could be affected by vaccines.

In the last two years, we’ve learned a lot more about our interaction with microbes. We now know we have 10 times as many germs as cells in the body (collectively called the human microbiome), and that more than 99% of them are mutually beneficial, supporting our digestion, immunity and metabolism. We need them and they need us, and the quicker we learn this lesson, the better.

How does this relate to vaccines? First, new research from Stanford University shows that adults can develop immunity to microbes they’ve never encountered, which goes against the traditional immunity dogma that you have to be exposed to the germ itself. Could there be a less risky way of gaining broad-spectrum immunity?

Secondly, we have precious little understanding of how vaccines affect microbial balance, but we do have a history of making interventions that seem like a good idea at the time, but backfire spectacularly. Just this week, the CDC Deputy Director said we have reached the end of the antibiotics era.

There are some obvious parallels here. For the majority of the 20th century, antibiotics were seen as our best tool for dealing with all bacterial infections. Now, after generations of killing off bacteria with antibiotics, we’re starting to see the negative side effects of this strategy. Not only are we breeding antibiotic-resistant bacteria, but the destruction of our microbiome is linked to many chronic diseases which have no known cure. It seems clear to me that vaccines at least have the same potential.

6. The mechanism of herd immunity is not fully understood, and some believe it’s over-hyped.

Up until this point, I have focused on those factors that directly affect my daughter. Unlike any other medical intervention, population-based vaccine strategy also relies on the “herd” to protect weaker members, providing the rationale for forcing everyone to vaccinate their children.

However, there are some reasons to question the notion of vaccine-induced herd immunity. First, the mechanism of herd immunity is not fully understood. Second, it is failing, and third, certain vaccines are proving to provide less durable immunity than previously thought, meaning our current assumptions about herd immunity rates are likely overestimated. Furthermore, disease can spread in fully vaccinated populations, with examples both in measles and mumps.

7. I have researched the ingredients in vaccines. They are toxic, I do not want them injected into my daughter.

This study says it better than I can: “According to the US Food and Drug Administration, safety assessments for vaccines have often not included appropriate toxicity studies because vaccines have not been viewed as inherently toxic.” However, according to the CDC, the following toxins are commonly found in vaccines: Aluminum, egg protein, antibiotics, formaldehyde, MSG and thimerosal. I have serious objections to injecting any of these into my daughter.

With one in six kids in America now having a developmental delay, and one in 88 kids in America with autism, surely it is as much my responsibility to help protect my kids from these issues as it is to protect them from an acute infection? It is more and more clear that autism is a disease born of environmental causes, not genetics, and aluminum, among others, is being fingered as a possible culprit.

Also, several new vaccines, like Gardasil, were fast-tracked through the evaluation process which is worrying when even drugs that have been shown to be safe in initial studies have subsequently proved to be toxic or carcinogenic, like birth control pills or the Vioxx debacle.

8. I’m a new dad. I’ve seen scientists get it wrong before, and I don’t want my daughter to be a statistic.

Between the 1920s and 1960s, the same groups that are used to sell vaccines today (doctors, industry marketing, etc.) were used to sell cigarettes, and this has become known as “tobacco science.” As we all know, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Until we see a clear distinction between science and marketing, it’s likely that these same forces are still at work. Drug companies have a lot of work to do to regain my trust, and until that happens, I have to take full responsibility for my daughter’s health, even if it includes breaking cultural norms.

Speaking of full responsibility, I am actively engaged in improving her health and immunity through natural methods. It started with a natural birth, continued with exclusive breast feeding, and getting outdoors as much as possible. We have an amazing pediatrician and chiropractor who support our choices.

A monumental discovery with four years of comprehensive Geo-archaeological research has failed to reach mainstream audiences for some reason.  The most active pyramid site in the world dating the pyramid complex back 25,000 years has also released scientific evidence supporting the theory that the pyramids were used as an energy source.  The recent study reveals energy beams transmitting electromagnetic signals unexplainable by our science in what is now documented as the largest Pyramid complex in the world.  Overwhelming evidence, supported by scientific research from all over the archaeological community proves that our recorded history is wrong concerning turn changes religion, science and academics.

All Giza Pyramids
Dr. Osmanagich has investigated pyramids all over the world, however his recent discovery of the Bosnian pyramids in Visoko, are nothing more than remarkable.  What may be more remarkable is how he has been attacked in the media, by scientists and researchers for his incredible find.

The very first thing world powers do when their control systems are threatened (and they can’t eliminate the idea) is they create a misinformation system to make people believe that powerful new or ancient technologies are a hoax.  Prominent archaeologists have attempted smear campaigns on Dr. Osmanagich’s work out of fear of how the impact of his discoveries will make on their own work.

It’s more than time to rewrite our history books, however there are such vast divisions between the old paradigm thinking and the new, that conflicts between the two camps have continued to cause the regression in the understanding of ancient technology rather than its advancement.

Take note of the following facts Dr. Osmanagich details in the above video:

1) These are the first pyramids in Europe
2) They are the biggest and largest on the planet
3) The cardinal sides have the most precise orientation on the planet
4) The concrete found is better than the best available concrete today
5) They are the oldest pyramids on the planet
6) Underneath the pyramids is the most extensive, prehistorical network of tunnels and chambers ever found
7) In these tunnels they have discovered huge cermaric blocks weighing in excess of 18,000 pounds

The discovery of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids changes the understanding of European and world history forever.  This also goes for the oldest and strongest concrete dated and the largest network of underground tunnels and chambers.

Radiocarbon dating that proves the Bosnian Pyramid Complex dates back at least 25,000 years has been revealed by an international team of scientists led by Dr. Sam Osmanagich. Discovered in 2005, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Archaeological Park, which houses the largest pyramid in the world, is now the most active archaeological site on the planet.  The team’s findings also reveal an energy beam, 13 feet in radius that transmits an unexplainable electromagnetic signal measuring 28 kilohertz coming from the center of the Pyramid of the Sun.  This phenomenon has been independently confirmed by physicist Dr. Slobodan Mizdrak, Ph.D. from Croatia, professor Paolo Debertolis, anthropologist from University of Trieste in Italy, sound engineer Heikki Savolainen from Finland and electrical engineer Goran Marjanovic from Serbia.

The energy beam is theorized by Dr. Osmanagich as the reason the pyramids were built; to provide ancient civilizations a powerful source of clean energy.  This is already a widely supported theory set forth by the book “The Giza Power Plant” by Christopher Dunn published in 1998.  The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is 30% larger than the largest pyramid at Giza and recent excavation has uncovered an extensive pre-historical underground labyrinth system, further evidence supporting the power plant theory.

Is it possible that the fossil fuel based energy system we now rely on could have been prevented if inventor Nicola Tesla’s work on free energy hadn’t been suppressed? Tesla’s (1856-1943) patented free energy methods were rejected due to their inability to be metered and monetized.  “We urgently need to change our mistaken point of view that our ancestors were stupid and accept that they had an advanced understanding of the fabric of nature and the universe, just like Nikola Tesla, whose ideas were suppressed as they did not and do not fit in the reigning economic model,” states Phillip Coppens, author and investigative journalist.  “The pyramids are proof that our ancestors knew and worked with an energy technology that we are now finally able to measure, but are still short of fully understanding.”Coppens along with Klaus Dona of Austria and dozens of speakers attended the International Conference Bosnia Pyramid in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina which is held annually to release findings to the public.

Osmanagich has had a host of experts in various fields come to see his Bosnian pyramids, and measure anomalies associated with them.  They have included the noted British scientist and inventor Harry Oldfield, who used a special camera system to photograph alleged electromagnetic (EM) waves in the vicinity of Visocica Hill.

The pyramid structures that were built in Bosnia and across the globe over 10,000 years ago cannot be duplicated by modern science and machinery in the 21st century and there is no explanation for who could have built them in our recorded history.

“We realize that this site changes our knowledge of history and as such the findings will need to withstand harsh scrutiny. Our inter-disciplinary scientific team carefully utilizes legitimate scientific research methodology, often having tests done from two or more separate laboratories,” explained Dr. Osmanagich, PhD. “Despite some initial skepticism, we now have a world-wide team of hundreds of thought leaders from numerous scientific disciplines including archeologists, geophysicists, chemical engineers, physicists, electrical engineers, and mathematicians gathering scientific evidence to find the answers.”

Geometric features of the pyramids


Based on numerous airborne and space-borne images of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, it becomes evident that the geometric features present with three sides that exhibit geometrical shape of a triangle.  Even though such elements occur in nature, it is rarely, if ever, a precise shape and rarely replicated on opposite sides of a mound. In this case, two sides are equilateral triangles, with well- defined sides. Satellite imaging of the local area in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Landsat, Radarsat, Hyperion, Ikonos, courtesy of Dr. Amer Smailbegovic), indicated that there are five hills which show apparent geospatial anomalies where two or more sides are triangular.  All of the aforementioned hills exhibit triangular sides and some have elements of stairs and step features on the sides with flat plateaus on the top. In the case of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, three out of four sides exhibit evidence of geometric features. Geologic evidence is not indicative of any significant faulting or the processes of the glaciations in the area that would otherwise affect the existence, geometry and texture of these sides.

Perfect orientation — Cardinal sides of the world

The measurements made by the Geodetic Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina indicate that the sides of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (BPS) are exactly aligned with the cardinal sides of the world (North-South, East-West), which is one of the characteristics often noted with the existing pyramids in Egypt, Peru, Guatemala or China.  The North side of the BPS is oriented towards stellar North (like the Great Pyramid of Egypt), in parallel with the position of the North Star.

Geological-sedimentary analyses

The results of core drilling, test-well sinking and limited trenching in August and October 2005, with a follow-up in 2006 and 2007, have confirmed prior observations and, revealed that the surface of the pyramids is comprised of layered sandstone and breccia blocks, which have been manually processed and/or cut to fit the required dimensions.  The binding agent found between the sandstone blocks suggest the presence of a “clastic breccia,” a multicolored conglomerate comprised out of gravel, sandstone and shale with a connective matrix or cement composed of sandy carbon particles of quartz, feldspar and flakes of mica.  The flat sides of the blocks, the contact zone, and the binding agent are clearly visible. Further detailed cleaning of the contact line between the two sandstone blocks revealed that the blocks were manually processed beneath and that the surface was flat and smooth, with binding agent applied afterwards to the surface.

Equilateral triangle of three main pyramids

Three main pyramids in the Bosnian Pyramid Valley form an equilateral triangle.  The Kadastral Office from the County of Visoko performed GPS measurements of the hilltops and determined that all angles are symmetric (60 degrees). Their measurements showed that the distances among all three hilltops are the same (approx. 2,2 km) with less than 2% error, verifying the artificial structures.

Geometry, shape, orientation, constructive material — they all prove the perfect planning and execution of the complex.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the world’s largest 220 meters high and completely covered by soil and vegetation. During the 1950s and 1960s, local government organized tree planting activities.  Trees managed to grow only on the bottom half of the Pyramid.  Thickness of the soil on Western, Northern and Eastern side of the Pyramid varies from the top (20cm) to the bottom (1.5 meter). This is due to the erosion.  The Southern side, which seams to be damaged, has a soil layer of 3-6 meters. That is the reason why this side has lost its regularity. Physical material evidence of shaped and well preserved stone monoliths were unearthed during the ongoing geo-archaeological campaign in 2006-2008.

Satellite radar has penetrated the surface of Northern side of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun of four meters. Straight black lines show underground passageways — pyramidal substructure. Some of them intersect at 90 degrees.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon

With its height of 190 meters, Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon is the world’s second largest: next to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (220 meters) and higher than Khufu’s Great Pyramid of Egypt (148 meters).  It is a three-sided pyramid with the plateau coming from the East, leading to the top of the structure. Other sides (North, West, South) match the cardinal points.  For the construction of this pyramid, sandstone plates and tiles were used together with the clay as a constructive material.

Archaeological field work on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon shows that under layers of soil and wood.  There exists a huge stone/clay structure, three-sided “terraced” pyramid with paved causeway coming from East.

A Network of Underground Tunnels

Examples of the main pyramidal complexes worldwide show that under the pyramids, underground passageways and chambers had been built.  It’s the case of pyramids in Giza (tunnels connect the pyramids, sphinx, Nile), Teotihuacan (underground enlarged 4-chamber cave with passageways), Step pyramid in Saqqara (underground “labyrinth”), China (underground tunnels built from sandstone, bricks and clay), Tenerife (cave-tunnels in Guimar). Numerous field findings suggest that an extensive tunnel network exists in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. It is hypothesized (Principal investigator Semir Sam Osmanagich) that the tunnel system connects all of the colossal objects, water wells and other structures of importance.  The current excavations in progress have already presented with findings of several shaped monoliths in the tunnels.  Hundreds of meters of tunnels have been secured by wooden support. The tunnels were definitively not the mining shafts as no tools, coal, silver, gold or any other worthy material were found and they appear much older than Middle Age or Roman times.

[For reference here is an interview I did years ago regarding the Pyramids and the power they really possess while the same information has been hidden from all of us for literally “Thousands of years.”  This being said just think what they (the breakaway civilization +Industrial Military Banking Complex – “JHS”) have really, managed to achieve, to this point in our perceived, “time”.]

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013 19:42

Evidence Found Across the Globe of Highly Evolved Human Species from before the Ice Age, Demand Scientific Recognition of our Past that Depicts Societies of Advanced Technology and Culture

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 (Houston, TX Nov 6, 2013) Houston anthropologist, Dr. Semir Osmanagich, founder of the Bosnian Archaeology Park, the most active archaeology site in the world, declares that irrefutable scientific evidence exists of ancient civilizations with advanced technology that leaves us no choice but to change our recorded history.  An examination of the age of structures across the earth reveals conclusively that they were built by advanced civilizations from over 29,000 years ago. 

Acknowledging that we are witness to fundamental proof of advanced civilizations dating back over 29,000 years and an examination of their societal structures forces the World to reconsider its understanding of the development of civilization and history,” explains Dr. Semir Osmanagich.  “Conclusive data at the Bosnian Pyramid site revealed in 2008 and confirmed this year by several independent labs who conducted radio carbon testing dates the site at 29,400 +/-400 years minimum.


The radiocarbon dating tests of 29,200 years +/- 400 years was done by Radiocarbon Lab from Kiew, Ukraine on organic material found at the Bosnian Pyramid site. Physicist Dr. Anna Pazdur of Poland’s Silesian University first announced the news at a Press Conference in Sarajevo in August of 2008. Professor of classical archaeology from the University of Alexandria Dr. Mona Haggag called this discovery “writing new pages in European and World history.” The C14 date of 29,000 years at the Bosnian Archaeological Park was obtained from a piece of organic material retrieved from a clay layer inside the outer casing to the pyramid. It follows a sample date obtained during the 2012 dig season on Material located above the concrete at 24,800 years, meaning this structure has a construction profile stretching back almost 30,000 years.


The ancient people who built these pyramids knew the secrets of frequency and energy. They used these natural resources to develop technologies and undertake construction on scales we have never witnessed on earth,said Dr Osmanagich.  Evidence clearly shows that the pyramids were built as ancient energy machines aligned with the earth’s energy grid, providing energy for healing as well as power.


 Ancient historians and researchers in the US have news just as astonishing as anything found in the far corners of the globe.  For instance, the Rockwall discovery outside of Dallas TX is only one example of how we are now re-examining ancient mysteries to reveal more about our past right in the United States. H2 (History 2) most popular series, Unearthing Ancient America recently filmed an episode about the Rockwall that will air later this year. The Texas site is a complex and massive wall over ten miles in diameter built over 20,000 years ago seven stories below the ground. The question is by whom was this structure built and for what purpose and most importantly how can knowledge left by these past civilizations help shape our future?



Newly revealed or rediscovered traces of ancient civilizations, has ignited an innate curiosity about human origins as reflected by recent coverage in mainstream media and TV.  The November 2013 issue of National Geographic: 100 Greatest Mysteries Revealed-Ancient Civilizations Unearthed says, “Sometimes cultures leave behind mysteries that baffle those who come after them, from standing stones to coded manuscripts, indications that ancient people indeed had a profound purpose.”  This special issue focuses on ancient sites and the mysterious clues left behind by civilizations we know little about.

Forward thinking scientists continue to pursue knowledge from our past that is useful to determine a better future.  Renowned author Michal Cremo in his book Forbidden Archeology theorizes that knowledge of advanced Homo sapiens has been suppressed or ignored by the scientific establishment because it contradicts the current views of human origins that don’t agree with the dominant paradigm. Cremo’s body of work has been described as “a useful teaching resource, raising a wide range of issues covering aspects of knowledge transfer, sure to be provocative in the classroom.” It has been reviewed with widespread appraisal by hundreds of academic journals.


Gobekli Tepe in Eastern Turkey


Results clearly indicate that similar advanced civilizations of humans were present all across the globe at that time in history. For example, Gobekli Tepe located in Eastern Turkey, is a vast complex of enormous megalithic stone circles with a radius of between 10 and 20 meters, much larger than the well-known Stonehenge in Great Britain. Excavations at Gobekli Tepe that began there in 1995 revealed radio carbon dating at least 11,600 years. German archaeologist Dr. Klaus Schmidt from the German Archaeological Institute, Berlin Germany with the support of ArchaeoNova Institute from Heidelberg, Germany has led the excavation of these recently discovered pre-historic megalithic circles at the Turkey location.

 “Gobekli Tepe is one of the most fascinating Neolithic locations in the world,” Dr. Klaus Schmidt claims.  But as he explains in a recent report, to understand the new finds, archaeologists need to work closely with specialists in comparative religion, architectural and art theory, cognitive and evolutionary psychology, sociologists using social network theory, and others.


“It is the complex story of the earliest large, settled communities, their extensive networking, and their communal understanding of their world, perhaps even the first organized religions and their symbolic representations of the cosmos,” as reported by Klaus Schmidt.  

In addition to the megalithic structures, figures and carvings have been discovered, depicting animals of pre historic nature such as dinosaurs and other wild life. Since excavations started in 1995, four of the circles have been partially cleaned, but it is thought that there are a total of up to 50 circles hidden underground.   These vast monoliths, soaring seven meters in height and 25 tons in mass at Gobekli Tepe, are situated right in the heart of what we perceive as the origin of civilization. This find offers new guidance to the true history of earth and our ancient civilizations.

“Our archaeological research goal is not to simply uncover all of the megalithic circles but to try to figure out their purpose,” adds Schmidt. 


Bosnian Pyramid now in Eighth Year: Proof of Advanced Civilizations from over 30,000 years ago

The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids now in the eighth year of excavation spans six square kilometers in the Visoko River Basin 40km northwest of Sarajevo.  Comprised of four ancient pyramids almost three times the size of Giza and an extensive subterranean pyramid tunnel complex, new discoveries each year continue to reveal proof of a much different history of mankind on earth.  The central pyramid of the Sun rises a colossal 420 meters in to the air and has a mass of millions of tons. By comparison the Great pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) in the Giza plateau is 146 meters high, making the Bosnian Pyramids the largest and oldest known pyramids on the planet. Since research began at the Bosnian site, Dr. Osmanagich has amazed the scientific and archaeological community by gathering a team of interdisciplinary engineers, physicists, and researchers from around the world to conduct open and transparent investigation of the site to try and discover the true nature and purpose of this pyramidal complex.

“This is an unknown culture presenting highly advanced arts and sciences, technology capable of forming truly massive structures and we believe in that process demonstrating an ability to harness pure energy resources,” comments Tim Moon, who has recently joined Osmanagich as lead archeologist at the Bosnian site.

 The archaeological project delivered another significant finding this year in the pyramid tunnel complex known as Ravine. Tunneling deep into a ridge line leading toward the Pyramid of the Sun the team has unearthed several megalith stones.  In August an enormous stone estimated at 25,000 kgs was uncovered approximately 400 meters into the labyrinth. This is a hugely significant find,”comments Moon. Here we have a massive stone, possibly a constructed ceramic, buried under hundreds of thousands of tons of material. We are locating foundation walls around its perimeter and cut stone blocks.” Large quantities of artifacts have been recovered from the associated tunnels leading to the site, including effigies painted on stone, art objects and a series of hieroglyphics or ancient texts carved into the tunnel walls. 

Dr. Osmangich stresses that it is time for open sharing of knowledge so we can understand and learn from our past. “It is time for us to open our minds to the true nature of our origin and destruction of each other as a civilization on this planet.  Our mission here is to realign science with spirituality in order to progress as a species and this demands a clear path of shared knowledge.”

Visitors are welcome to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids and its Foundation offers a volunteer program each dig season- running June-Sept.

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